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Hello If you Have any questions please contact me or another mod on this Post. Here We will advertise Roleplay areas Your OCS can own.We will also be advertising Packs on this post too.
Burning Stepping Stones

If You want to advertise your Pack please Contact me

Den sites:
7: +Hope Mueller 
8: +Silver Snow 
12: +MoonLight The Lost StarWolf 
If you own one of these den sites please contact me and I will change it to closed ASAP.
Have a nice Hunt!
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Man, I remember this community. It was my first one I ever joined. I kinda wanna keep rping on it but I'm not sure if anyone is on anymore lol

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Species:kuro neko demon (black cat in japanese)
Age:looks 13 but she is 1000+ years old
Powers:shadow magic
Personality:fun and bubbly most of the time but make her mad you will die.
Likes:anything sweet,dangerous and fun
Bio:her and her brother are the last of their kind they met a crow and a snake demon who take care of them and with them being half human they have the ability to become human.
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Hey guys! School started, you know what that means.... I won't be able to rp, or be on Google+ until a little after 3:00 pm. I won't be able to make videos that much either! I can't even stay up late anymore!!!

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Name: Kuro (Black in Japanese)
Species: Wolf
Age: 36 moons (3 years)
Gender: Male
Pack: N/A (loner)
Mate: None (May have one eventually)
Pups: None ^
Crush: None ^
Appearance: Ebony black pelt with deep yellow eyes
Personality: Calm, Quiet, Strong, Fierce, Witty, Tricky, Mischievous, Sly, Actually rather kind under all his outer shell
Likes: The quiet, success, scheming, food, winter, the cold, being alone
Dislikes: Noise, humans, stupidity, failing, being pestered by packs, heat
Quotes: "not all wolves want to live by the laws of a pack"
Theme Song: I know I'm a Wolf -
 Bio: Kuro was born into a pack, as most wolves are. His pack, however, was a pack much crueler than most, and pups were trained to be harsh and cold. Kuro had 3 siblings, but unlike them, he endured the training, and became strong. His siblings grew weak, and did not survive the work done in the summer heat, causing Kuro to have a hatred for the warmth. After a few weeks of his siblings death, Kuro fled his pack and ran far into these territories, despite leaving his pack he still uses his training, and thus is a brutal enemy in combat. He now lives alone in the more snowy regions, believing only in two rules:
Every wolf for themselves
and only the strong survive

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WAKE UP PEOPLE I'M BRINGING THIS COMUNITY BACK TO LIFE LIKE BAM! ok I think I mightve eaten too much pizza XD Srsly doe this community shall not die! :D

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Wild wakes up and looks around
Wild: sighs finally, I can have a peaceful day to myself... never thought that would happen! :D goes back to sleep

Kuro slowly opened his eyes, they glowed bright and he got up, stretching along with giving out a massive yawn, revealing all his teeth, very faintly stained with red. He shook his pelt free of snow and lifted his nose to the air, his ears were perked and his tail was erect in a sense of pride. He scented the air and listened carefully, his eyes narrowed and his head swiveled in your direction Come out he said in a cold tone, it wasn't hostile, but it wasn't welcoming either
((Open for one, wolves preferred))

Is it OK if I'm a umbreon?

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Name: Rose
Species: Red Fox
Age: 4 Months
Gender: Female
Powers: Turns Winter to Fall and turn Spring to Fall
Personality: Shy, Kind, Funny, 
Likes: Gold Leaves, Dancing in the Snow, Playing
Dislikes: When a Person Hates me, Crying, 
Bio: Me to lazy..
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