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((This is my profile I have to repost it since adding pictures doesn't work right some times))
((My double profile for me to role play with I have now more characters to role play as I made them up lol tell me what you think this is the thing I came up with years ago and I day dream about it a lot lol XD ))

Name: kagome
Age: 20 but looks like a 11 year old
Gender: female
Race: full blooded vampire and full blooded angel
Appearance: white hair blue eyes where's a eye patch over her right eye always where's a black dress sometimes where's other clothes
Bio: her parents wear killed by her brother since her mother was a Angel and her father was a vampire where not to get together so her brother killed them when she was 5 years old after that she was beaten and tortured her brother hated her she did have wings but her brother ripped them out of her back she went through all the abuse for many years until she was 17 then Akito found out what he was doing to her cuz he was they're family's survent he got her out of her brothers care and he took care of her for a full year trying to get her back into good help she is blind in her right eye she also is still messed up bad she can't eat food cuz she throws it up but for some reason she can only drink akito's blood she lives off of it but she has times where she completely loses her mind

Name: Akito
Age: unknown immoral
Gender: male
Race: half vampire and cat demon
Appearance: black hair red eyes where's a necklace and a black shirt and jeans
Personally: calm quite easy going but does have a bad side
Bio: he has been with kagome's family for years on her father's side after what happened with her he takes care of her she has many people out to get her since she is a full breed of Angel and vampire Akito works hard to protect her he never wants anybody to hurt her ever again he was also abused by her brother many times before and got tired of it he was going into the basement to see what he does everyday and he was beating kagome that explains why he has not Sean her in years ever since she was little he almost killed her brother he left that house with her to get her help she was almost dead but he thought he killed her brother but it turns out he didn't her brother is still after her
Powers: can heal wounds but he never uses the power much cuz the only way to heal a wound is to lick it
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name: sollux

age: 17 immortal
gender: female 

spices:  vampire/troll/demon cat with two forms/neko

likes: unknown
dislikes: demon and vampire hunters 

bio: i was killed years ago i came back as a troll then got turned in to a vampire and a demon cat i don't like to talk about how i died so don't ask it's just full of bad memories of how i died well thats pretty much all the memories i have i don't know about what heppen before i got cought and killed and my blood color is yellow has a secret form i use from time to time to hide from demon and vampire hunters
powers: telekinesis and the power to heal 

job: none

personality:  kind and a little shy at times but don't let that fool you i am good at fighting and i sometimes loos control of my self and i can sometimes and sometimes not control my blood urges but now i wear a black collar that keeps me under control and when i am in my neko form i forget every thing about myself and i don't talk much i try not to use my neko form cuz i have no control of it
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age: unknown
personality: cute, loving, and understandable
Bio: I am a robot that looks like a human and feels like a human.

i sit in an alleyway wrapped in a blanket and my stomach grumbling

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name: Suka (soo kah)
age: 12
job: none (homeless)
gender: female
species: storm spirit
likes: cats, warmth
dislikes: cold, mean people
personality: kind and caring, quiet, lonely
bio: i grew up on the streets. a homeless woman raised me, but she died. she was not my mother. now i live in a abandoned shed. it has a small attic, about 3 feet high, that ive made nest in from blankets. the bottom floor has a mat on the ground and the walls are hung with wind chimes ive made from broken glass.
"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point."

~C.S. Lewis


goes n gets a book labeled "the art of draco necromancy" this looks interesting. checks the book out the goes outside n sits under a tree and starts reading

I walk around the graveyard and take it all and the i relax and sit under a tree ((open rp))

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Name: Daemon Hart
Gender: Male
Personality: Emo and a loner
Species: Grim reaper  
Powers: invisibility , incredible speed and strength
BIO: has claustrophobia and is very paranoid towards strangers  has a internal injury in his stomach.
Job: normal job: undertaker Night Job: Killing those on the to Die list

sits cross legged on the ground with my eyes closed hmmm
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