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I've had an idea for the community!
What if there was a small military, that had been both helping and hindering the fight against the machines? Perhaps and overly protective sort of authority riddled with chaos? CDF (Civil/Civilian Defense Force/Front) a army of well armed highly trained military units, who were old remnants of the U.S. Military! Of course it is just an idea that would make things interesting ;) and of course, the little civilization this RP takes place in doesn't know about them, they arrive some time... And cause, as I said, havoc :3 this is your community but I believe this is a good idea!
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multi passes out as he is in a store then a girl goes to him and*
[open rp to a girl ask to join

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i am in the outlands  training a destructive power i found out after i found out the orb is a shape shifting weapon

multi was in a hidden part of the city sitting unable to think due to the pain he is feeling when you find him and
[open rp

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Initiating Protocol 987045 Fafnir. Filling cryo tanks. All systems check initiating activation sequence

[Name] Fafnir
[Age] 2000 (AI)
[Gender] Female (AI)
[Race] AI
[Height] 6'2
[Weight] 190
[Eye Color] Blue
[Hair Color] Picture
[Appearance] Picture
- Liquid Nitrogen Sword
- Liquid Nitrogen Rifle
- Liquid Nitrogen Laser System
- Liquid Nitrogen Spike Tails
[Tech] Scanner, Liquid Nitrogen Capsule, Highly Advanced Cpu, Nanites
[Personality] Kind, Mercyful
[Likes] The Cold, Ice
[Dislikes] Evil AI, Anything that Endangers Humanity
[Bio] Classified Information

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I am walking through the area confused where im gonna live

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I wake up after a long sleep. Groggy as hell. There is no apparent sight of the girls I was nice to yesterday. Typical. That is when I notice the bloody girl lying next to me. I shake you and you wake up and say.......

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Subject name: American Synthetic Militaristic Interface or ASMI
Subject class: Synthetic android. Powers the unmanned units
Subject current age: over 90 years
Subject weaponry: Ion bulster prototype canon, Revolving Gatling gun prototype, two regular dual pistol, prototype acidic semi automatic canon, prototype energy acid blade, high tech american M84K Collision armor piercing assault.
Subject meaning: She was originally created for the admiral Chief of the U.S. military, to act as his dead daughter. She was created with human emotions and warmth on the outside, but on the inside she had mechanical bits and bobs. An android with emotions was all illegal, due to having emotion, means having human choice. Her choice, to kill all who control her, using her internal wireless hacking program, she wired into every unmanned unit in battle, and at home, to attack, any and all humans. She was shut down soon after, sent in a sort of cryostasis, as her owner was executed.
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two unmanned tanks begin firing artillery upon the town, its guards, trying valiantly to fight back, but are getting increasingly more wounded, or dead for each attack. Soon they would push into the town, and attack the innocent people, and destroy the inner city, turning what was safe, to deadly wasteland like the outlands... (rule, these tanks, have no weak spots on the outside, and these are futuristic tanks! ;) they probably have automated machine guns all over them! Good luck!!)
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Name:Sheryl Linston
Eye Color:Red Eyes
Hair Color:Blonde (naturally black though)
Personality:She tries to not care about anyone;worries only for herself and if she does something,there is some personal gain in it.
Likes:Watching a mechanical monster destroyed
Collecting remnants of the society before
Dislikes:Helping others

Bio:(sorry for the emotional backstory)(TnT)
She awoke from her capsule with some of her memories wiped.
She has barely any recollection of what the world was like before the apocolypse of the machines.Of all the memories she still has,they only bring pain.
After climbing out of one of the capsules,she caught on quickly that something terrible happened here.She saw the bodies lying all over and other capsules opened.
It was a horrific sight that she threw up to after seconds.Her stomach couldn't handle it.
But,the one of the nearby mechanical nightmares that caused this bloodshed saw her and went after her.She ran for her life as this thing steadily caught up to her.She found herself crawling into a little shaft and trying to crawl away from it as it clawed for her.
But,there was someone in there.
A big,sweaty man in there kicked her back into the beast to give himself some time to crawl himself to the other side.
She was pulled out of the shaft and struggled to free herself as it slowly pulled her out,but her fate was almost decided.
But like fate always does,it gives a fighting chance.
She,grabbing for anything that could keep her from being dragged into the air,grabbed hold of a long metal scrap.She instinctively impaled it into the mechanical beast and dashed away until it slashed her ankle slightly attempting to catch her.She then pierced it straight through the head of it,disabling it.
She thought it was over and she ran for her life,but another two chased after the bruised woman.She kept running for her life and threw anything she could grab hold of without losing speed in her flee at them,but it was futile;they were still chasing and gaining on her.
She luckily made it to an airvent and climbed up into it.She kept crawling into it and eventually fell through into another room.
Someone was trying to keep quiet as they were opening the door,view of the exit on the other side of the hallway.It was another man,but her was skinny and had a huge beard.
After a bit of planning,they figured that if they dashed towards it after making some sort of distraction,they could escape.
But after tossing something,the guy trip the girl to make her the bait of his own escape.He thought he was safe,but Sheryl was about to be attacked.With all her remaining strength fueled by her fear to die,she dashed while screaming at the man who was trying to pry open the coincidentally stuck door.When he finally had it open a bit,Sheryl rammed into him and threw him at the closest mechanical beast.
Luckily,it stopped and began tearing apart the man.
Sheryl got away,but she was scarred from the experience.She,because of that emotional experience,along with other unexplainable memories that involve pain inflicted upon her,believes that nobody can be trusted.

Weapon(s): Throwing Knives (found her first one's off of someone's corpse)
11mm Mauser Shotgun
Ar-10 Armalite Assault Rifle
(she has three pouches on her waist,one for shotgun shells,one for various tools including a 3in. led light,screwdrivers,and a 5inch switchblade,and another pouch full of lighters and matches)
(anything useful she finds,she'll scavenge)
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