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+Killy The Fox​, we could start the role play here.

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Name: Chelsi Age: 18, Gender: Female, Animal: Husky, Mother: Unknown, Father: Unknown, Siblings: None, Crush: None Boyfriend: None

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Age: 18 Gender: Male Accent: American with touch of slang.
Animal: German shepherd Mother: Clover Father: Bugsby (Abandoned fam at young age).
Siblings: None.
Crush: None

Is anyone active anymore? Or do I need to find a place that is active?

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i must ask, if i told you it is possible to see and do what you can only dream of, would you believe me? no? well maybe this story of a young man not from here will change your mind, now where to start?..... oh yes.

"in a place where ruins lay, and god doesn't exist there a little round rock the planet called earth, but let us get to the young man, see him right there, the one entering the fallen castle of king malles? he the one, the person that triggers a fate that was... well... god like, not even the gods of our plain of life knew what would happen next, now watch him closely." ......

the young man: i so hope mom doesnt kill me for sneaking away like that. the boy was around the age of 18 years old, he was almost 6 foot 4 inches tall, he had black hair with red like streaks that flowed on the tip of his hair near his eye. and his eye's, well one was blood red but had a gentle look, and the other was a pure, bright blue, that had a fiery like fear, the boy's name was blood james murker. As the boy look around the place he had walked into, he came upon wide open area, it looked like a medieval stilled courtyard, and in the middle was a gauntlet, as he look at it he thought it looked like it could fit around the hole bottom half of his arm, even though he was kind scared of it, he still put it on just to see what it would do, but what happened next, he could have never see coming... after putting the gauntlet on, a silver like shell cover him, he could hear something that sound like a black hole and lightning mixed together, but shortly after that he had passed out

the demechen of clannes: a female officer in the area hhmmm wait what the f**k is that *she said as she saw a human size object fall from a black and purple hole in the sky, she pick up her future like phone, and call in for a doctor and some back up as she ran to the huge crater that was maid by the object

the boy blood james murker: as he started to get up slightly he saw only a glimpse of where he was before passing out again, he saw a girl picking him up out of, what seemed like a huge hole/crater, but what he didn't knew was he was the one who made that hole/crater

{this is a open rp but i can only rp with one person at a time so if you want to rp this ask me but plz use these ( ) to ask.}
(art is not mine)
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"Take every chance, drop every fear."


Name- Atsi Black

Age- 18

Gender- Male

Appearance- See image

Species- Wolf

Disabilities- None.


Mother- Octavia Black
Father- Nick Black
Siblings- None

Close Friends- None.
S/O- None.
Crush- Open!
Kids- None

Personality- Atsi is very personal he keeps himself to himself if you get to know him he will open up to you.

Job- Detective.

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((Open RP))

Atsi was wondering around then he saw a shadow in the distants

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Name: Silver "shut up"

Sexuality: Straight "uh"

Height: 8 "does it look like I wanna tell you?"

Age: 18 "no personal info or your dead!"

Weight: 5 stone "pfft how am I supposed to know?"

Gender: Female "what does it look like, ideout"

Species: Wolf "ugh you have eeyes to see!"

Likes: Guns, motorbikes "damn you"

Dislikes: Ideouts "People like you!"

Crush: none "ugh"

Bio: unknown "if you say another damn word I will shoot you"
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