anybody have any tips for ranking up the composing skill? i'm stuck at rank D, and i can't seem to level it up

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any advice on how to get ap? i never can seem to gain much. :(

Does anyone know when we will be able to change our servers (From NA Mabinogi)? Like im stuck in a dead server ruairi and I want to move to alexina and I heard this was possible in the korean server.

Commerce is great. Come team up as we commerce across Erinn.

Wedesday and Thursday afternoons.

The Renovation coming upon us. Get ready for the action by taking part in some dungeon runs.

Ciar, Coill or Rundal!

So who wants to spam elite missions and theatre with me :D

We are coming to the end of the Doki Doki event. If you're after cat eyes, now is the last call.

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I do not know her name

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I've been working on Mabi Cosplay.
Here is Monkey D. Luffy!
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