I have quarrel with my parents
Although i know they have a good will but...
I really cant accept anymore blind dates
I am getting tired with all of them
How i wish they could listen to what i have told them 😭😭😭

Something that i hold for so long...
Is it time to let it go? 😒😒😒

This is another sleepless night.

Thinking of you and me.

I started to take interest in cooking since last year i met him
Although we dont contact each other anymore but i still interested in cooking
Should i try to learn cooking?
I have so many recipes i kept until now
I want to learn to cook my mum's foods, some japanese food, korean food, indo-chinese food, chinese food and some western food
I havent started to learn but already think these much
Lol XD

wish all my relatives can stop these blind dates things
i am getting tired with all these

Life has been not easy lately
So tired
But i want to stand still for what i have had begin withο»Ώ

Grief. These days I seem to be reading a lot. Apparently there are 5 stages of grief : Denial, Anger, Bargaining , Depression and finally Acceptance.

I think I've past denial, anger, skipped bargaining, and am stuck in depression. Everything has lost its colour, my surroundings, people around me, everything just looks greyed out. I go through the motions of saying the right things, laughing appropriately and doing everything that I usually do, right down to cleaning the toilets at the exact same time of the day. And i do this with not even with the slightest ounce of happiness.

I just wish all this would end and go away. This bleakness .
This nothingness.

This emptiness.


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Hi my dear friends! Have a nice week.

Should i accept the job offer?
I feel like i have no choice that i must accept that job
I wish i can decide what i want to do
Time become so limited to me 😭😭😭

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Dear diary,
I've started writing blogs! It's very hard to keep going with it. Sometimes I want to just stop.
Please take a look, leave a comment about what you think and share.
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