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If you want to be mod post on wannabe mod
The rest is clear
No spam
Giveaways can ask for 1+ or reshares
If you swear And insult other people you get 2 warmings
1st warning: nothing
2nd warning: ban for week
3rd warning temporary ban exept you apologize
If someone is rude to you or is spamming please report to me or mods
If you have inprovements please contact me
Have fun!

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Hey I'm doing a vote and whatever gets more votes I'll breed and giveaway to a lucky person :)
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Theres only 3 days left until the phione giveaway starts and the details for the pokemon i will request to deposit in the gts will be in 2 days and the phiones will be lvl 1

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Moderator Contest
Winner becomes promoted to Moderator

Yes, you read that right. This community of nearly 30,000 members can't be moderated with only four moderators and three moderator assistants so through this we will get one more mod and this is how it will be done

How To Enter
1 - Be in our Discord chat In our chat with hundreds of other people including the whole Moderator Team where we do most of our giveaways, tournaments, contests, and other fun stuff as well
2 - Show that you are moderator material. Be active and friendly, share memes, host giveaways, do whatever you can do to show that you can be the best person for this position
3 - You don't have to reshare this post but it would be a nice thing to do since more would know about this and have an opportunity
4 - Comment on why you would want to become promoted to a Moderator

How To Win
The Moderator Team will judge this contest and select the new moderator from looking carefully at each and every participant to find out who has the best material

Only one person will become a moderator, but hey if you're hecking amazing as well you can always be a Moderator Assistant

This contest ends on Friday. Only one person will win from this. If you don't win from this it's okay. You can always meet us in that chat which was mentioned before. There has been several members who have nearly could have been a Moderator but unfortunately they became busy with other stuff. Luckily there is this contest!

Is it me or do I keep saying Moderator a lot? Lmao

Good luck to each and every one of you people!

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Pokémon Meme Contest

How To Enter:
1 - Comment your IGN and FC on the original post
2 - Reshare this post to another pokémon community
3 - Post your meme of anything pokémon related inside this community and have #sunmooncommunity in your post

Entry Prize: Shiny Bisharp
Top 3 Prize: 6 battle ready shinies of their choice

How To Win:
The winners will be determined by the number of +1 on their post

The contest will end on Friday
You may enter more than one meme
Good luck to all

Join our Discord server for several multiple giveaways every weekday and weekend, our own Pokemon League, contests, etc

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Here's a Shiny Ribombee to you guys and everyone is able to get one!

How to enter:
1) YOU MUST FIRST comment your IGN (In game name) and share this post to ANOTHER Pokémon community, unless you will be ineligible to receive this gift
2) Deposit a FLETCHINDER with the name "G+ Sun Moon" (found on Route 8 at day or night) in the GTS asking for a Level 91 to 100 Ribombee

Giveaway ends Sunday at midnight

I will distribute the Shiny Ribombee when I can. Enjoy n stuff. yada yada bla bla bla bla bla I wonder if people read this far lol if so congrats heuheuheuheuheuhe

NOTE: Comment with only your IGN, nothing else. No extra stuff. Example: "IGN: Ming Ya". If you want to say extra stuff, then you may do so in another comment. It's easier to read everyone's IGN when it's only that and I like to keep everything neat and organized. Thank you

Oh Join our Discord for Any Golden Shiny Giveaway!

In 2 weeks there will be a giveaway for the pokemon phione with at least 4-6 ivs and they will be lvl 1 to let you guys give it a combo, move sets so be ready for me to say what pokemon to deposit if you have any questions just go to the discord app server and ask me or the owner

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Yo, I would like to apply for being a mod. I think I can handle the responsibilities because you know how im a mod in Evelyns community and ye.
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