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Your task here is to build your base and defend it against waves of zombies. You will upgrade your base and make it stronger. Please be careful, every wave becomes stronger and stronger.

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Paperio Game - Some Tips For Beginner

It is advisable to move as far as possible from your opponents when playing This decreases the chances of being quickly eliminated. The closer one gets to his enemies, the greater is the risk of losing...

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Post has attachment is an addictive and fun game. It has many of the same qualities as other popular .io games, but the rules and concept are different. I found it easy to play and achievable to master. I've spent a considerable amount of time playing this game...
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Paperio - Amazing and Addictive!!

I have to say this game really lines up with the other .io games. It's addicting, overall the game is fun. I spend a lot of time playing and enjoying it. I love the color the idea of the game it's just fun but can also be aggressive and I love competing.
With Paperio game, i like how if you get a certain area of you trail or whatever covered it gives you a skin.
It makes me so happy and some times irritates me because people can kill you so easily.
You just keep going whenever you feel like it. It always keeps my attention and I enjoy playing. The characters are fun, it's a simple game, and it's fun to challenge friends and spread the game.

Over all this is a great and simplistic game yet still can have interesting encounters and can be addictive! I highly recommend it!

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