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Thought this might be relevant for all you helpers out there. Managing "Our stuff" with our clients is so important, and so difficult at the same time.

Welcome Bubbleology.  Feel free to introduce yourself to the community.  Share a website or article if it would help to describe the capacity in which you help. 

A colleague of mine shared a reflection that worrying and offering help to another is a way of doing violence to another.  Worrying implies that we know better and a way to try and control a situation in which we have no control, while helping implies that we can do better for someone than they can do for themselves.  WOW!  That really has me thinking today!

Welcome Ciaran O'Conner.  Would love to have you introduce yourself and the capacity in which you are a helper.  Feel free to link to your blog if you like. 

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Check out blog by Dr. Flanagan. Hard work does not define us! A friend of mine says, 'we are human beings, not human doings'.

Strength can be an incredible funny thing. The strength from within most times you don't realize your own strength until you're faced with a life situation that necessitates strength, then from somewhere your inner strength kicks in. That inner strength affirms, "I have to get up;" that inner strength says to you; "I must move forward;” that inner strength says to you; "I will not let this conquer me."

You may say, feel or believe that you don't have that inner strength, but, just by the mere fact that you could say I "remember" a time while I experienced so much pain, demonstrates that you had to have moved forward pass that period in life otherwise you couldn’t state I remember; this means past tense. The way we get past and work through that pain and agony is actually by means of that inner strength that kicks in.

Doing a mediation at supervision yesterday and thinking, 'wow, this mediation would be so good for my clients'.  What is that about?  I dismiss the opportunity to look at my own internal world by saying to myself that this would be great for my clients!  How often do we ask our clients to do things that we ourselves are reluctant to do.  I know I am guilty of this.  It also helps me have some empathy for clients as they wrestle with the hurt in their lives and the reluctance to deal with it.  Perhaps allowing myself to be present to my own hurt, sadness, anger might allow me to be a more integrated helper.  

Just a thought...

Welcome Pamela Reynolds.  Please share with the community the capacity in which you are a helper.  Feel free to post a link if you like as well.

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Today's the official launch of! Transform your relationship in only three minutes a day!

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If you must transform yourself for others, then you have lost yourself. Love yourself first and trust others will love you for who you really are too. Those who expect you to transform yourself need not be in your circle in the first place. Never lose who you really were to begin with!
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