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Organizing the kids' sewing notions in each of these numbered "toolboxes" has been a success so far! Each sewing machine is numbered, these toolboxes are numbered and their personal storage bins are numbered as well. So easy to keep everything organized.

Each "toolbox" has numbered shears, a magnetic pincushion, a seam ripper and a seam gauge. 

Hello! I am looking for suggestions or ideas for tables for my sewing machines in my classroom. We currently have individual wooden machine desks that are at least 40 years old and falling apart. I'd like something more streamlined, one piece that could allow 3 students side by side..

Does anyone have pictures of their sewing lab of how you organize sewing machines and students?

HELP! I have money to be used this morning for my child development and advanced child development. I already have the Real Care babies, clothes, and empathy belly (all bought by 2 community grants.) Anything you think I should make sure to get? I just started the program here and spend all of my own money on everything. Thanks for any suggestions!

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To wrap up 2016 and look ahead to 2017, share one online "gift" with colleagues in your #INeLearn Community of Practice. It could be a lesson, a resource, a blog post, or anything else you think might be helpful for a peer in your content area or grade level. You can share something you created or that you found and have used.

I am the K-12 Instructional Coach for Frontier schools. The FACS teacher at FHS, who reads JoAnn Fluke & Dianna Mott Davidson's culinary mystery books, has expressed an idea of doing a book club with her Culinary Arts class and cooking their way through the book. Have any FACS teachers in this Community done anything like so who would like to share ideas?

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Do you and your students love Digital Learning? Share a favorite activity or tool/resource and spread the love with fellow FACS teachers by posting in your G+ Community. To see what's happening across grade levels and content areas, visit our page

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Make sure to visit our webpage where you'll find a holiday message from the Office of eLearning Team! #INeLearn  

Hello, My name is Lara and this will be my second year teaching FACS at the high school level.  I am a licensed elementary school teacher and obtained an emergency permit to teach last year.  I have to take the Pearson Family and Consumer Science exam very soon.  I was just wondering if anyone had any advice as to where to find study material.  I was on the phone with Pearson for almost two hours today and did not get very far.  Has anyone taken this test? Do you know of any published study guides that might help? I would appreciate any input. Thanks so much! 

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Please take the opportunity to review the WBL manual.  These suggestions will be utilized to make final revisions.  

You can access an online version of the manual at:

Please complete this short survey to contribute your opinions and recommendations about the standards for Work Based Learning.  Average time to complete this survey is 15-25 minutes. 
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Indiana High School Diploma Survey
June 2015
As part of the Indiana Career Council, the Core 40 subcommittee was established in 2014 per IC-20-19-6-9 to examine the current Core 40 diploma offerings and make recommendations to the SBOE, which may include:
• Changing course requirements for the Core 40 diploma
• Changing the types of diplomas offered in Indiana
• Analysis of need in Indiana for a CTE diploma and/or CTE offerings

Over the past several months, and through the chairmanship of both Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz and Commissioner of Higher Education Teresa Lubbers, a large committee made up of stakeholders representing business and industry, higher education, school administration, K-12 educators, special educators, and CTE directors has developed the following proposed draft of  diploma requirements to be implemented with the freshman class of 2018-2019. Please go to to review the drafts and then take the survey that follows. 

We appreciate your feedback!
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