Hey, guys. In order to improve my art skills, I'll be taking requests. If anybody wants to tell me what they want me to draw, tell me on Hangouts or pp me. Keep in mind that I'll only be taking SFW requests. Also, if it's something I simply don't want to draw, I'll tell you.

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In a world of many nations, kingdoms, and empires stood a mighty global superpower in central Europe. This country was the Empire of Leonia, a kingdom known for its strong economy, military, and isolationist policy. Another thing Leonia was known for was having a ruler the size of a building, Emperor Leo the 14th, better known as Leo the Destroyer. He earned this nickname by annexing nearby prosperous lands into his own and destroying those who refused to peacefully be absorbed into the empire. One such time was with the city of Brussels which wanted independence as a city-state. Upon hearing of this declaration, the king planned to storm down upon the city with great force. He was just close enough to the city for his loud roar to tremble through the streets. He looked down upon the city and exclaimed...

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Name: Sheeba
Gender: Female
Species: Superized Ninja Cat
Feet: 12.5 Tall

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Anyone need a tiny slave/pet/toy?

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Hi everyone. My name is Amy and I'm tiny. I'm new here and I was wondering if anyone wanted to play with me?
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This community so dead...is the owner even on here anymore?

Hi I'm new

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((Hopefully someone sees this

Name- Leo
Age- 17
Body type- Anthro,
Muscles- None, average body type
Eye color- Red
Gender- Male
Sexual Orientation- Gay
Bio- Leo is just a normal furry. Well, that is unless you don't include the fact of how he loves Macros, and being under their paws. Put a macro before him, and he will fall in love! He is ready for any and every macro guy, so come on, message him. Don't be shy~

I'm so bored. Does anyone want to rp?
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