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Battle Quote:


Growls and lets out a battle howl Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooo!!”

(after a huge victory) stomps both of his feet and lets out a rampaging roar and looks around with a angry look


Quotes toward Evil and good gods:

whimpers and bows and barks softly suggesting not to kill him

First Name: Ruzedyn

Second Name:None

Last Name:None

Name:Ruzedyn the Cursed Beast Pet

Reason for nickname:None


Chronological Age:19

Physical Age :19

Mental age:29

Body Build:four eyes with muscled arms with firely glowing eyes with the skin of Metal along with flaps on his neck.

Skin colour:Metal Skin

Hair style:None

Hair colour:none

Eye colour:firey coal red

Distinguishing Features:his Dark Mage look

Preferred Clothing:None but has furry padding on his area to prevent it from geting cold.



Crush:doesn’t remember any

Relationship:doesn’t remember any

Sexual prefer looks:”look I don’t care about looks,as long as she has beautiful Heart I will Hitch her”


Fear Inducement

Feral Mind

Natural Weaponry



Critical Impact(can only use this power if in Feral Mind)

Heavy Strike(constantly active since he is big)

Sonic Scream

Earth Manipulation

Fire breathing

Water Manipulation

Fire Manipulation

Air Manipulation

Darkness Manipulation

Light Manipulation



Supernatural Condition-User is blatantly more powerful than other members of their species.

Supernaturally Dense Tissue(very tough)

Supernatural Endurance(can with stand missiles,but can’t with stand nukes,plasma,and custom bullets;Heatblazing bullets.

Supernatural Strength(can ram buildings and destory them)

Survival Intuition

Outbreak Survivalist

Predator Instinct

Enhanced Memory

Prey Instinct


Animal Supernatural Ki-the aura focus on his eyes and rises on fire


I don’t remember,however I know I am Wolfyian with Dragon Descendents to my name.and the Prince of Wolfyians,on Planet Banuis,in Universe 7 I just hope I can find some people I can remember.until I turned evil and things went to shit from their,everyone can a become more powerful than me.As a result I become stronger and Stronger until I defeat Uni-being and got Trained by Sebas,Coycutus,Mare,Zarama((Former Grand Preist)),Demigra.Once I have become stronger than Uni-being I defeated him to show mortals can rise above every being to defeat them.I killed Kalia to get the truth for a friend’s curse,then I sacrificed myself and to bring back to life Kalia while I got imprisoned in Hell for ten thousand years and got and abused something that was supposed to use for heroticism.Once he did that he become the beast within the evil he had become.



Zodiac Sign:Libra

Species: 5/10 Dragon 5/10 Cursed Beast



Affiliations: I have none buddy..

Significant Other:(not yet discovered)

Guilty pleasures:hmm I have no idea on this but making laugh so hard they spite everything they got out,uhh being very kinky in awkward times!~ Uhhhh other that,you got some my pleasures.

Style of fighting:mastery of all arts.

Personality:I am Nice,very Funny as hell,trusting,Responsible,Respectful and very very cool to around.

Main theme song:Epic Score - They Hit Without Warning (Massive Hybrid Action)

Battle theme:Skillet-Feel Invincible

When going into Feral Mind theme:Power Within Me-Dark Emotional Music

When hungry theme:Little Nightmare JTMusic-Hungry for Another one.

Universe your from:4th Wall fused with Anime Universe


Super skill:

1.Bone Crushing Bite

2.Stomp of Shockwave

3.Dragon Eye Barrage

4.(Evasive)Sweep of Dragons


1.Rising Above all Else


Beast Form

((he also has dragon form but he limited to reveal it when someone collects the Omni-Shadow Dragonballs



Talents:Country Sing,Making good times,Making Drinks,etc.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes:Drawing,gaming,and having fun.

Interests (Different than likes and dislikes. What does your character have a passion for?):I don’t know god nabbit.

Self-Image [How does your character see him/herself? Is he/she confident, or are they insecure?]:I see my self a awesome dude.

Weakness (Must have at least one):

1.Spite being a beast,he his not god so he can die

2.Powerful Blasts


4.Over powering me

5.Once he become Feral Mind,he will go raging for weeks the best thing to do is lock him up or use a beast whistle.

6.He can die from animal like things like heights.

Special Abilities/Powers [Please make sure your powers or abilities go along with your species!]: hmm I got Ballistic Scream,Reactive Adaptation,Equality(he will use this if Barks with excitement when he wants to spar),Limitation Inducement(this appealed to me due to curse)

Popular or Loner:Loner

Overall Personality:Cool

Best Personality Trait:Very Caring and loves to help

Worst Personality Trait:Stubborn

Fears:My family being catch in the action,drowning and hates heights.


Thoughts on love & Relationships:It needs to be committing and worth my while.

Relationship History:

I have had ten girlfriends in my past

General Likes:Food,and being human

General Dislikes:being told that I am died when I am not.

Usually Equipped With [Weapons and other objects]:None

Accent:has none but in mind he sounds like dragon

Languages Spoken:English

Act before thinking/Think before acting?:Emotion-wise, generally:Yes


Way of speaking:he pronouns some of the words wrong like Pen instead it’s “Pin”

Common conversation starter:Hoday,It’s nice out herre ain’t it?

Swears?:Made-up words?:N/A

Made-up language?:N/a


Education:moved soo many times that it’s not funny




Has none


To be happy with his own family

Views/Opinions on...

Government:it bullshit,just admit it.

Religion:Hmmm Christian even though I eat people.

Technology:I somewhat like it and somewhat don’t

Food:Sushi,Meatloaf,Peanut Butter,Pizza.



Holiday:Halloween and ThanksGiving


Time of day:Middle

Thing to watch:Godzilla,DBZ and others.

The best fight:(if someone can fill in this part,by fight my oc he will personally train you)

Movie:Gods of Egypt

Type of art:Anime

Genre of music:Any

Genre of literature:Action

Genre of shows:Action

Genre of movies:Action


Family:there all died and crossed over

Love interest: (not yet discovered)

Friends/Allies:None as know of

Enemies:Know as know of


Enemies With:none

People Disliked:none

Favorite Spot:None

Can Usually Be Found At:On Earth Training

the requirements for wishing:

1.when collect them all they must say this

"Aman oto Ra de mess salla Rocko bid Nema Wqhan Ruzedyn,Qan Zanumorpha Uno"

((which translates to:I have collect all dragon balls by your name,do my bidding Ruzedyn the Powerful One))

2.The dragon balls will glow in dragon aura(which is golden but has the movement of Super sayian God combined with Ultra Instinct)) and the dragon ball will fuse to summon me,the dragon above God Dragon,and I will swallow you whole and  you must fight 3 oppenants that look like me,if you win,you go on to see my dragon form again and I ask in dragon this

?Namais neda jouo mend bid fo Tres Minkiarom?

Which translates to:your biding is now granted,now grant 3 wishes.

3.say your wish in dragon language.”Qué aremortois Minkiarom?”

4.It will be granted then I say this

"gracias foromonic Tres Minkiarom Nowmrc roamust gorof"

Which translate:Thank you for wishing of the 3 now I must depart"

5.then the dragonballs disfuse and spread as far Multiverse.


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Name: Ize Narden

Quote: "I rake In the benefits of my Terror"

Quote 2: "watch you're mouth puppet I'm leagues ahead of you and a few more misplaced words and you'll be reduced to a honorless janitor"

Side: Obcy Wad

Function: pilot, Air commander

Weapons: Viro Blade, OB-62 arm cannon

Equipment: His armour, his jetpack

Ize Narden is flamboyant, arrogant, brash and very narcissistic being consumed by his own ego has driven Ize Narden to become a fantastic pilot which only increased his already overblown ego to an uncontrollable extent. Ize only cares about himself if he had children he would willingly sacrifice them to keep himself going. To Ize he's the only one that's worth anything in the universe and everyone else is merely just a distraction or at worse a troublesome problem that must be dealt with eventually. it's no wonder why Ize Doesn't care for his fellow pilots to him their just mindless, soulless drones that fly around and get killed while Ize swoops in and claims those juicy kills but what makes matters worse is his rank of Air commander which gives him authority over most pilots which Ize uses to flaunt his Ego and put down any shred of joy the pilots under his command feel and theses factors lead to Ize Narden's fighter wing having the lowest moral of the whole Obcy wad Air force.

Vehicle: his fighter. (Seen in picture)

IZE Narden is a Air commander and the Obcy wad military's best pilot and a complete narcissist and is self centered he doesn't care about his fellow pilots and loves destroying his pilots moral too, IZE Narden loves to pick on has fellow pilots and brag about his skills however IZE is to be taken 100% seriously because he makes up for his moral killing narcissism with his deadliness. He has 500 confirmed kills to his name and unlike other pilots he pushes his aircraft to it's limits by doing close air sport missions on infantry out in the open. IZE Narden has shot down so many Kolins pilots and massacred so many infantry with low level bombing and strafing runs he has earned the nickname the "Terror Bomber" and if you mange to keep up with his crazy maneuvers and shoot his aircraft down he's not done yet IZE has a jet pack which he calls "The wings of blue death" and with his specialized weapons which include a Viro Blade and OB-62 Arm cannon also his jet pack can carry 12 500 pound bombs. IZE is one of a few Obcy wads that believe In ancient Obcy wad culture which is evident by the symbols on his jet pack. He has his own minions which are Who Lagin and Dra Wavel Ize Narden doesn't really care for them but their usefully minions so he keps them around.
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Does someone want to rp? (sexuell included)

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Time to... Revive community!
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It's been too long since we RP'ed here. Let's revive this community!!!!

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Is anybody on today?
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I want it

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There should be a Pokemon x Spiderman Crossover because I'm a huge nerd of both

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Anyone up for an RP? I will use my Star Wars OC Jin Skywalker
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