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Hey, thanks for the invite! I'm a Ravenclaw but my half brother is in Slytherin!

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Okay, quick question...
I've heard mixed replies on this.
Is Tonks a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin?
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Hello peoples!!!
So, basically I feel like Slytherins deserve some respect.
They don't get enough in the books really. They're smarter and better people than the books show.
I mean, how many first years joining Slytherin do you think felt slightly intimidated by all the jeers and glares they got after their sorting?
I just feel they deserve some acknowledgment.
Any house can join this. I mean, for example, I'm a Ravenclaw...
Just try to be aware of your posting and what you're saying.
Because I don't really want to deal with all this "one strike two strikes three strikes you're out" business.
Sound good?

Thought so.
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