Hello folks.... I need what's probably pretty simple, some help with a psql command. Where is the appropriate place to ask the question?

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Some notes on today's update release
We released a security and cumulative bugfix release to all supported versions today .  That means it's update time.  What follows is my personal advice on the update. For the first time in a while, we have a bunch of "low-risk" security fixes in this relea...

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Another successful meeting of pgMKE last night, thanks to +Jeff Amiel and +Dennis Jenkins at iStream Financial!

And welcome to our newest member, +Sridhar Aswath.  I hope we'll be seeing you again soon.  For +John Savas and +Gabriel Muñoz, here's the link the the recording of Bruce Momjian's talk on new features in 9.4:

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Hey +Jeff Amiel  —

Are there any Tuesdays this month that we could try to get together over at your place again?

Well, I suppose it's high time we worked on picking a place for the next meeting.  Should we head downtown to Corvisa for the next one?  I'm thinking it might be nice to vary locations back and forth a bit, making it such that no one is completely stuck with driving longer distances on a regular basis.

Looking forward to seeing +Jeff Amiel and meeting +Phil Vacca at +Postgres Open this week!

Is anyone attending the training sessions on Wednesday?
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