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okay guys we hit 5 members that great also heres a tip
u should reroll got silica and only silica
if u wanna get good that person should be the only person u should be going for
silica can heal herself which is very useful also dont even bother for anything else if u dont have a lot of time any 4 star is fine but i recommend silica
i will be rerolling so if u want anything else just ask me!
also if we hit 50 members my march then i will be giving away a sao jp with kirito

Anyone wanna trade?

Does somone want to trade i am only looking for os kirito text me as soon as possible btw i need global i have 4 star klein dragon tamer silica strea and i have os kirito sword il trade all of the things i have only for an account with 1 os kirito thats all

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4 4 STARS!!!!

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This is what i got

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Offering theses two for an account with Black swordsman Kirito And a four star Duel wield weapon 
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How do you get evolution ingots??

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Hi there im new here aand here is the party i play as.

guys share and invite as many people u know!! we got to keep this community alive... although it basically dead already

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