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Welcome here are the

Please no harassment or bullying:
Let people help their fangames grow, don't make them insecure about their game.
Punishment- Banned for 1 week

No R34 or any other porn related subject, i want this community to stay as G related as possible(this not include gore and and cursing).
Punishment - 5 weeks Ban

Don't post spam like "if you haven't reshared this to your account then your not a true fnaf fan" or "you'll die if you don't share this to ten community in 1 hour'
Punishment -1day ban

Be courteous to others and don't plagiarize other peoples work.
Punishment- N/A

These are the simple rules to follow.

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here's a teaser for one game I've been working on

Who is creating a fnaf 5 other than me? Btw I am continuing until 13, I might cancel some games, but fnaf 13 remains 13 cuz night 5 has to be Friday 13, and I will make some connections to Jason Voorhees (I am bringing back some creepy pasta to popularity if my games are good which isn't very possible)
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