Any players / GM's in the Beaumont, TX area? I just moved here looking for a group. Thanks

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My Interface Zero: Dark Theme for Fantasy Grounds (virtual table)

So, what kinds of new beasties would you like to see in Devils and Demons: The Savage Guide to Hell (working title)? Obviously the theme here is demons and devils, but I can also see various other types of Hellspawn.
I'm also interested in servants of evil who live in your campaign setting, acting to further the goals of their infernal masters!

Hi everyone, I'm just popping in to let you know of the next book we're going to be working on; Demons and Devils: The Savage Guide to Hell! This will be the first in a series on non-setting specific guides to areas and creatures characters might encounter or visit during the course of an adventure.

Each book will contain archetypes, edges, and of course it'll explore each region in detail, providing tons of monsters, hazards, and specific locales the harried game master can use!

Expect more information on these guides as we get closer to publications. I'll likely be kickstarting this one as well, so keep an eye out!

Hi everyone,
As development of the Pathfinder version of Interface Zero continues, I've been giving some thought to possibly kickstarting it.
My funding needs would certainly be lower than before, mainly because the fiction is already written, minus some extra fiction I'd like to put into it. I also have a ton of great artwork, so, aside from a few new illustrations (mainly Iconic Character images for the classes), I'm funding the layout, the writing, and the editing.
To keep the development costs even lower (most likely at 6000 dollars), I'm going to ask for funding for a PDF first, and then do a print book as a stretch goal.
Aside from that, what else would you like to see in terms of Stretch Goals?
What pledge options would you like to have?
Right now, anything is on the table. I'm really looking forward to finding out what interests you.
Thanks for your time.

Hello everyone

I'm aware that some people have touched base with DTRPG about an alleged corruption in the PDF and Print books.
In the Phoenix section of the book, on Page 224 and 225, there is garbled text that, on first glance, looks like the file got corrupted.


Your book/pdf is not corrupted. Please do  not contact customer service about an error.

Something is happening in Phoenix in the setting that caused the transmission to look that way. More information about Phoenix is coming in a minor supplement, written by John Wick.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi everyone. I hope you had a good weekend! Hot Potato, Our newest Interface Zero one sheet, is now available!

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Interface 19.40 is coming very soon!

Just an update with an art preview for Interface 19.40, the Cthulhu crossover book we did with Modiphius Entertainment. I expect to have the PDF by the end of the month, and I'll be ordering the books I need for those of you who ordered a print version. In the mean time, here's a look at the cover, and some of the interior artwork!
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Hi everyone! thanks for joining!

Sweet now we just need to organize some games!
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