Today we take a look at our education.

Many a times we hear of quality education but what goes into is the problem
We are made to believe that erecting of classroom blocks and giving it a painting or providing free books etc amount to quality education. But for quality education, one needs to have the following;

1. Conducive Environment ( Spacious Classrooms & Clean School Environs)
2. Guidance and Counseling Offices in the schools
3. Well Motivated and Passionate Trained Teachers
4. Well Structured Syllabuses
5. Adequate Teaching and Learning Materials

With the points stated above and all other things included, the quality of education we need will be realized.

What in your opinion are some of the things needed aside those stated above to be included for actual realization of quality education?

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What do you make of this quote?

When the driving force of a country's development is it's human resources, how then can the country build a better human resource to aide it's development?
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