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1) Your character MUST be the offspring of a Canon Marvel character. No acceptions.

2) No original Avengers besides Tony Stark and Scott Lang. They are all dead, as it shows in the movie.

3) Up to One Canon Profile only.

4) No copying other profiles.

5) Bullying, Trolling, anything like that in general leads to one strike. Three strikes and you get banned permanently.

7) Mods; please do a search of their profile first before accepting new members, raids are increasing

I have provided a template:
















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Quote: "Hi there. Names Phantom-Spider. You're gonna get your ass kicked."

Name: Kai Hartland

Appearance: in pictures

Age: 18

Gender: M

Personality: Intellectual, Down to Earth, But suffers from Social Anxiety and minor anger issues when it comes to villains.

Crushes(?)/Status: Single for the moment.

Family: Mother and Father Dead.

Allies: His symbiote

Likes: Coffee, Being a Hero, Spider-Man, inventing, and Writing

Dislikes: Bad Guys, The Master, Seeing others hurt, people making fun of his dyed hair, and letting his anger get the best of him.


Bio: Kai Hartland is a time distorted teen from the year 2452, where his mother and father were talented bio-technology and genetics experts working at at Aurora Laboratories where they replicated and created a new and strange symbiote based on the legendary Venom Symbiote. After his 13th birthday, Kai was taken to his parents lab where they showed him the symbiote which they named Phantom. It was then the lab was attacked by a masked terrorist which resulted in the death of his mother and father as well as placed him in a near death state. That is until the Phantom symbiote escaped and bonded with him on a near cellular level saving his life and granting him several enhanced abilities. And due to Kai being a fan of Spider-Man he decided to take on the guise of a Spider-Man themed hero. He then went on to join his time's Avengers but nearly died when he saved his world by crashing a space station into a large portal generator which threatened to suck all of New York into Dimension Z by the way of one of Kai's villains known as The Master. He then crashed the station into the generator which stopped the destruction of the city but killed him. To his knowledge. When Kai awoke he found himself stranded in this timeline in New York. Here he took on a small job as barista while working undercover as a Superhero using his moniker of Phantom-Spider.

Powers: Symbiote Suit bonded to his DNA granting him Enhanced Human Strength, Superhuman Senses, Camouflage, Enhanced Human Reflexes and Agility, Tendrils, Organic Webbing, Healing Factor, Claws, and (in times of dire stress) Rage Mode where the Symbiote let's loose and unleashes it's full power against an opponent.

Abilities: Thanks to his parents Kai is very well adept in the fields of Genetics and Biology as well as being from the future given him a big advantage when it comes to knowledge.
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Quote: "Uh who the hell are you pal?"

"Ya know, your really starting to piss me off"

Name: Clark "Flint" Morse

Appearance: shown in picture


Gender: Male

Personality: A humble soul that only wants to do is the best he can. Quick to rush into action silently and quickly. All together he is a silent and peaceful person.

Crushes(?)/Status: Single

Family: Francis Barton/Step-Brother: Alive
Barbara "Bobbi" Morse/Mother: Deceased
????/Father: Unknown
Clint Barton/Step-Father: Deceased

Allies: Mockingbird

Likes: Training, Acrobatics

Dislikes: Francis


Bio: Before shield fell to ultron, Clark was sent to the savage lands to be with Ka-Zar and Zabu. Once he arrived in the pod, Ka-Zar was already dead and Zabu had to raise him. Using what he had in the pod (Batons, a picture is his mother and her dairy, the pod itself) he trained for years to hone his skill. Clark would have became an excellent mechanic by then, making small but useful gadgets from the pod, including a long range beacon. It's technological presence would be found by stark after the defeat of ultron and Clark would be picked up by him.

Powers: Low level Superhuman strength and agility

Abilities: Skilled Acrobat


(Closed with +Wally West)

Enough time had passed since the liberation that some semblance of a human civilisation had been built on top of the deactivated robotic cities, and Ultra City (formerly New York) had finally begun to look like a real city again. Many metallic 'buildings' had been converted into shops, accommodation, schools, hospitals and, surprisingly, banks. It amazed Blackjack that humans had reasserted both organised currency and money lending, and he was no rabbit to squander such a gift. He'd prepared that retort earlier for any heroes who tried to stop him walking into such an establishment with a plasma rifle. Amazingly, none did, and without warning or hesitation the little black bounty hunter lifted his gun and fired it into the air, raising his scratchy voice as loud as possible. "Right, little vermin. You know the- you probably don't, actually... I want you all on your knees, hands on your head." He turned to the man behind the rudimentary counter. "Step away from the counter, hands where I can see 'em, string bean."
The shocked and confused humans, not knowing exactly how to react, slowly did as Blackjack said, assuming non threatening positions and praying for someone to either make sense of the scenario or apprehend the... thing. Either was preferable...

who's still active? im going to attempt to get this community running again.

Lidiya was relaxing in her room. She was laying with her legs on the bed and her hair sweeping the floor. A pair of silver earbuds were in her ears, playinf from an old Walkman she had found in Tony's storage.
+Amélie Lacroix

Does anyone want to RP?

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Bobby was in town, ducking in buildings hiding from Ultron bots. As soon as the coast was clear she raced into a cafe'.
+Amélie Lacroix

(Closed with +Cisco Ramon)

Above the impressively high built levels of the city, hidden from the pedestrians below, was a strange sight. There were two figures sitting on the roof of a skyscraper, one of them human sized, the other much smaller. The humanoid appeared to be a woman, who would've looked fairly normal in her casual jeans and t-shirt if it weren't for her pale blue skin and cybernetic arm. A short green and gold robe hung loosely around her shoulders and there was a small metal device attached to her chest. The thing sat next to her was a small, similarly blue, rodent like creature wearing black and orange armour and some sort of helmet. Both their legs dangled over the edge of the building's roof in a relaxed manner, the small rabbit-like feet of the armoured rodent made completely out of metal. The two appeared to be engaged in a conversation, unaware of anything happening around them.

Anyone want to RP?
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