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An edition of 12 articles on Avicenna and his philosophy.
Table of Contents:
1. The life and times of Avicenna: patronage and learning in medieval Islam - David C. Reisman
2. Avicenna's philosophical project - Dimitri Gutas
3. Avicenna on the syllogism - Tony Street
4. Avicenna's natural philosophy - Jon McGinnis
5. Avicenna and medicine - Peter E. Pormann
6. Avicenna's epistemological optimism - Dag Nikolaus Hasse
7. Certitude, justification, and the principles of knowledge in Avicenna's epistemology - Deborah Black
8. Avicenna's metaphysics - Stephen Menn
9. From the necessary existent to God - Peter Adamson
10. Avicenna's Islamic reception - Robert Wisnovsky
11. The reception of Avicenna in Jewish cultures, East and West - Gad Freudenthal and Mauro Zonta
12. Avicenna's Christian reception - Amos Bertolacci

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One of the most comprehensive modern Islamic philosophy resource has just been published by Routledge. Editors are Richard C. Taylor and Luis Xavier López-Farjeat

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Even though not updated very frequently, it is still one of the most well-rounded online resource of Islamic philosophy.
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