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Produced by OpenShot on Ubuntu..😊

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Wish this would be ported to linux. Hitfilm looks good.

How can I see raw image like that of JPEG or png etc in restretto image viewer? 

I know that I can see in raw therapy or darktable or can it possible to view in restretto by any special way?

My system is running Ubuntu studio 16.04.2 and I love mint's USB format tool and USB image writer tool which I want in my Ubuntu studio.

Is it possible to get them and run.

If so please tell me how.
(I am a basic user so if described step by step, it will be more helpful)

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I have 32 bit Ubuntu Studio on netbook working great..but when I update is my Wi-Fi go disabled I have to re able's Acer One Aspire AOD250 model,hope a update will fix Wi-Fi errors from happening again! I don't like updates disabling my wi-fi even for a little bit..if kind fix for now but hopefully it doesn't do that again!
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I want all graphics, video software and in audio only audacity, even no Jack (I use for video production and little or very little audio work ).

If during install I choose all except audio package does it affects the stability and performance of system? How to install safely all graphics and video and audacity if any body can show me a snapshot of install menu to keep which package?

Thanks in advance for helping.

Secondly if I install xubuntu and all my software that are in Ubuntu studio will it be same or some different?

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Hello, Has anyone else experienced an issue with icons disappeared from the menu? I have installed digikam appimage which was added to the menu but the icon was missing. So I went to the menu properties, found digikam and added an icon to it. It worked great but ALL other items disappeared from the Photography menu. Ubuntu Studio 16.04.1 fresh install.

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We made this video using Blender and Kdenlive!😎

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