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Looks like the mostly trustworthy Dell Venue 8 Pro is getting an update come November. Finally a FHD display:

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I'm running Windows 10 on my Dell Venue 8 Pro without issue! Here's a quick video I made of my experience thus far along with easy to follow instructions on how you too can install Win 10 to your tablet!

Windows 10 is running on my DV8P! For the most part I couldn't be happier. Its running great.

I've had the Dell stylus for my DV8P for a while but I've never taken the time to learn how it is supposed to work. Is there a tutorial out there that will help me? 

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Do you own an +HP Stream 7, or other popular +Microsoft  #Windows   #BayTrail  tablet?
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NO, just the #DellVenue8Pro.
NO, don't even own the #DellVenue8Pro
YES... and let us know which in comments
NO, just the #DellVenue8Pro.
NO, don't even own the #DellVenue8Pro

I'd like to ask the community: are there 64-bit drivers available for the DV8Pro? 

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New revised Silver-Barrel Active Stylus works amazing! Dell finally got it right! 🙌

The newest version has a silver barrel as opposed to the old version that was all black. Externally, that's the only difference (and it came in a white box instead of the old brown one). The big difference is on the inside and how the stylus performs!

The new version writes a lot better, writes slightly thicker/heavier lines, doesn't require as much pressure and is far more responsive. I no longer have "tails" and errant lines while using the new silver stylus! It's so much better than the A02 version-- which I actually thought was decent but compared to the new silver version, it's like night and day!

I attached some handwriting samples taken in OneNote 2013 Metro. I noted which stylus I used in RED as "Old" or "New" so you know which is which.

I've only had the new silver version for a few hours but, so far, it's damn near perfect! The only thing that could be better is a softer nib so that it doesn't make that hard tapping on glass sound and would have more friction to simulate that writing on paper feeling, but otherwise Dell is spot on, finally, with this revision!

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how can i revert to factory Windows 8.1 from Windows 10 if i didnt make a backup disk?

Just got my Plugable Pro8 dock from their KickStarter campaign. I have only played with it for about 30 minutes but so far it is awesome. Extended display works well, moving windows from one screen to the other has a bit of stutter but smoothed out after transition. Video playback was so far acceptable but need to test more. Charging seems just as fast as the native adapter. Having 4 USB ports is really nice. Construction is top notch. Have not tested mic or audio ports yet. I would give this a recommendation so far without hesitation.

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Finally found a cable which has a switch to switch between Charge and Data.Can use big monitor while it is charging battery.
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