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I got a i9300 running a patched baseband, so I am very limited to kernel selection. I want to install cm 12.1 but need a kernel that supports patched baseband. using zuluman's patch. Please suggest a kernel

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The ported CyanogenMod 13 Rom build is now available and you could use it to update #GalaxyS3  to latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow!  

Anyone want a OnePlus 2 Invite?

any advice on a kernel build for overclocking and overvolting?  4.4 rom builds?  

To anyone still around here, are there any full permissive kernels for 5.1+ on this device? Trying to get Viper working without SELinuxModeChanger.

Any Lollipop support? not asking eta but quite curious

In case anyone missed it, (official) CM12.1 builds are happening for d2att! :D
d2(spr|tmo|vzw) also have 12.1 builds, the other S3 varients don't have builds yet, apparently.

Battery life is pretty good (over 18hrs normal usage, for me at least, on a new battery), and haven't had any issues with the phone rebooting randomly or the camera crashing yet, but I honestly don't use the camera much anyway. :p

Also, installed "Dark Material", pretty good dark theme for CM12. Unfortunately, it can't make my wallpaper darker. lol

Any kernel for longer battery life?

Hello everyone. I am using BeanStalk 4.4.4065-20140921-d2lte with BMS_34_d2_20140806 on my Galaxy S3 T999. I have dramatic battery drain. %16-18 loss per hour in moderate usage. What would you suggest me to do?
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