Sorry for the delay. I went ahead and broke down the project into a series of tasks. I think our first step is to decide on a bylaw we want amended making sure we can answer all the questions and add some positive results to the division we choose. Does anyone have a bylaw they are passionate about? If not at least a division we can start with? I'm going to send a word document out. Thanks! I think we should try to complete tasks 1 and 2 this week, giving us a week to edit our papers and complete tasks 3 and 4 during week 6.

Hey all! I know it's a holiday week but I think it would be great if we could get started on our group project. I think if we are able to stay organized it will only help. I plan to put together a good bit of things together by Friday and I'll share it with you all, I'll try to divide tasks up and we can pick and choose and go from there if that sounds good to everyone. Thanks!


This group is now complete. Thank you.

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