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Hey guys! I'm new here. I have many OCs, so I won't be making a profile JUST yet? I will tell you about one though.

Her name is Rosalina, and she's my Fairy Tail character. She's paired with Natsu ((of course)) and she's half ice dragon, half human.
She's got an exceed named Ash. ((pictured))
That's pretty much it. I'll tell anyone details should they ask.


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This is my OC for Fairy Tail

Name: Arianna Helenia

Gender: Female

Related To: Mavis

Looks: she looks exactly like the pic below except with Ice Blue eyes

Personality: Kind, Warm-hearted, skilled fighter, clumsy, funny, and powerful

Class: S-class

Magic: Apocalyptic Dragon slayer and Angel magic

Race (Human, Cat demon, Dragon, Ect.): Half Cat Demon and Part Fairy

Back Story: she was enslaved by a dark guild when she was young. When she ran away Acnologia found her and asked her if she wanted to learn Apocalyptic Dragon Slaying Magic and Arianna said yes. When she was ten the date was 7, 77, x777. Acnologia disappeared. Then 2 months later she found exceed eggs. When they hatched she named them Adaline and Valier. Then 3 months later she joid Fairy Tail. During the months between finding the exceeds and joining Fairy Tail she learnt Angel Magic.

B-day: July 15, x767

Exceeds: They look like the pic below

Personality: kind, fierce, warm-hearted, and silly

Magic: Area, Battle forms, and Human forms

Human Forms: They have the same outfits, tan skin, cat ears,  cat tail, and black hair
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My OC for Black Butler

Rosa The Undertaker's little sister

Midnight black hair that goes down to mid thighs.

Gender: female

12 years old

Eye color is the same type of eye color that the Undertaker has.

Personality: almost exactly like the Undertaker's.

Has cat ears and a cat tail--they look exactly like her hair, which is midnight black.

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Rin! Why is your tail covering your smexy abs!?!?

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Rin's lil' half sis

Welcome my humble serva---I mean Friends to my new community
You guys will be my 2nd family!
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