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I'm looking at the night sky. :3

(Open RP)

I'm at the twilight falls, looking at the waterfall

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Name : Katie

Age : 16

Species : Dragon

Likes : her friends, Animals, flying, and music

Deslikes : bullies, getting kidnapped, and getting hurt

Powers : Aura, ice, and water.

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(My Old Dragon Oc, Cinder)

Name: Cinder

Species: Speed Dragon

Age: 14

Likes: Racing With Somebody, Flying, Training with Somebody, Fighting Bad Guys & Making New Friends.

Dislikes: Getting Hurt, Getting his Friends hurt & Someone Make Him Mad.

Powers: Speed,lighting,Dark, Blue Fire & Life

Personality: Nice,Fighter,Caring, Sweet, outing, Auger, Scared & Brave

Side: Hero

Spyro: Flying around the artisan home

(Open Rp!)

Cinder Is walking In the Forest

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Name: Haziqzeb


Gender: male

Species: dragon

Powers: fire,spirit light powers, spirit dark powers, bash, dash, shadow, super jump, ice

Likes: video games, pizza, Friends and family

Dislike: evil, betrad by a friend, alone

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Name: Ruby
Species: Dragon,shapeshifter,dream demon
Gender: Female
Powers: Anything possible (main element is fire)
Likes: Food,videogames,reading,sleeping,friends,my love of my life,sunsets,etc.
Dislikes: Needles,mean ppl or creatures,spiders,my two worst enemies,etc.
Nature: Naughty,sassy,sweet,caring,etc.
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Name: Nevaeh

Age: ?

Gender: female

Forms; any kind of my form

Powers: any

Bio: nope

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Name: Travis
Species: Dragon
Age: 16
Likes: Video games, hot dogs, his friends
Dislikes: Being backstabbed/betrayed
Fears: Losing a friend
Powers: Fire, charge, speed
Personality: Nice, Fighter
Side: Hero
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