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so i guess this is the therapy community on here
this is for anyone, but mostly for three main people:
1. people who need therapists
2. people who have therapists they don't like
3. people who want to be therapists or help other people
you can do just about anything in this community, but here are a few rules you should follow:
1. no hating on other people or their problems - even if it seems insignificant to you, it might be something that may have ruined that persons life, and if they need help, don't make fun of them for it
2. respect pronouns - even if you don't agree with what someone identifies as, just respect their pronouns. you don't have to interact with them, just respect them
3. post in the right category - there are seven (7) categories, each with a specific purpose. more on them later
1. overall therapy - for problems that don't fit in any other category
2. depression - for problems related to depression
3. anxiety - for problems related to anxiety
4. stress - for problems related to stress
5. suicide/cutting - for problems related to suicide/cutting
6. eating disorders - for problems related to eating disorders
7. parent/family issues - for problems related to parent/family issues
if you encounter any problems, tag either the owner or a moderator
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thank you, and we hope you find this community helpful

Hey so no one else has really posted here so I guess I'll be the first because I don't know how to actually talk to my therapist 👉👉
My family's having a lot of issues rn and we might be leaving my house so we don't have to be with my dad and I'm just not coping with this very well, I'm not really coping with it at all, I'm just trying to not think about it and stuff and I've just kind of turned off my emotions and I hate it but I don't know what else to do
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