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Canon Characters that are already taken

Annabeth: Me
Clarisse: +Sarah Bertrand 
Percy: +Uzυмαкι Nɑɾմեօ եհҽ ҍҽՏե յíղϲհմɾíƙí 
Clovis: +Tavros Nitram 
Hazel: +Haleigh Payne 

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~"I'm not choosing one of your paths, I'm making my own"~
Hazel Levesque
Born December 17th, 1982
Age: 14 (brought back from the dead)
Dad: Pluto. Gift: I can bring jewels from the ground.
Year Rounder

~Hair: Cinnamon brown
~Eyes: Gold
~Body Type: Curvy
~Skin Tone: Black (brown really)
~Typical Clothing: Jeans and T-shirt

Likes: Friends, Humour, Not being in danger
Dislikes: Jewels
Strengths: The Mist
Weaknesses: The Sky, and Water...

Powers: Mist, Jewels
Prized Possession: Frank's SPQR T-Shirt
Relationship Status: Dating
BF/GF: Frank
Mortal Family: Maria Levesque(deceased mother), Nico Di Angelo (half brother)
Friends: Percy, Leo, Piper, Annabeth, Frank, Jason, and Nico.
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Can I be my own character Alsa?

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They you go, I posted it in the right tab and I was able to fix some things.

Quotes_: "Well honestly, I don't early have anything to say, so Hi!"
Name:_ Her name is Xävier Kïng.
Nickname:_ She likes to go by her first name.
Gender:_ Female.
Birthday_ Her birthday is on December 21st.
Age:_ She is about 16.
Godly Parent and Godly Blessing:_ Her godly parent is Persephone and her Godly Blessing was by Hades.
Cabin Counselo_ At this moment she doesn't know.
Summer or Year Rounder:_ She is a year round.
Sexual Orientation:_ She is Bisexual.
Zodiac Sign:_ Sagittarius

~Hair: She as long Black Hair.
~Eyes: They are light brown.
~Height: She is about 5'5"
~Body Type: Athletic.
~Skin Tone: Tan.

*Personality:_*She is a Brave girl, Honest, Clumsy, She has no sense of humor, Sassy, Random, Smiley, and Clever.
Likes:_ She likes Cats, Art, Music, People watching, and Animals.
Hobbies:_ Cooking, Gymnastics, and Gardening.
Dislikes:_ Bugs, Slimy things, Clowns, Dogs, and Strawberries.
Strengths_ Flexibility, She can cook really well, She knows how to use her shortness as an advantage, and She can run pretty well.
Weaknesses:_ She is allergic to common fruits and certain animals. Once her allergic reactions kick in she's out for the day.

Powers:_ She is able to control plants or make the plants bigger in size, strength the plant and other things with plants. She is also able to travel through shadows.
Weapons:_ She uses a Bladed Spear kind of like a Triton.
Prized Possession:_ Her glasses.
Pet:_ She has a Russian Blue Female Cat named "Kitty soft Paws."
Relationship Status:_ She is single.
BF/GF:_ None.
Mortal Family:_ Her dad name is Blake Kïng while her stem mother is Zoeii McCalister and she also has Grandparents.
Friends:_ She made none.
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Quote:_Don't say things about me behind my back.I will find out,and I will blast you to pieces.Don't say I didn't warn you._
Birthday:March 12 2002
Godly Parent:Zues
Cabin Counselor:Yes
Summer or year rounder:Year rounder
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Hair:Fiery red
Height:4 feet,11 inches
Body type:Slender
Skin tone:Fair
Typical Clothes:A white tank top,a tie,and short denim shorts
Other:She has glasses
Strengths:She has deadly aim,and she's handy with a sword.
Weaknesses:Her Fatal Flaw is Personal Loyalty
Powers:She can control lightning,She can fly,and she gives painful static electricity shocks(LOL)
Weapons:A celestial bronze sword,and a bow with never ending arrows
Prized Possession:A necklace from her mom.
BF/GF:None(Comment if you ship your OC with mine!)
Mortal Family:Her mother,Serena Lodka
Friends:She is friends with everybody...Well,almost everybody.

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((Closed to +Breanna V​.This is one where Alexandria gets Claimed.))

Alexandria was in the arena,sparring campers with their magic items.She hit hard at her opponents sword,knocking it out of their hand.The sword changed on the floor.She puts her sword away and walks over to the bench and sits down. Gods,I hate the Hermes cabin.I wish that I was claimed.

((Closed to +Leo White))
Annabeth is in the Athena cabin working on redesigning  Mount Olympus on her dadulas laptop. She had just put the finishing touches on the Athena temple she wanted to start on the Posiden one, but she promised to wait for Percy. She starts to work on the Apollo one instead. She had just started when you....

Can we make an rp where we are determined? +Breanna V

Quotes : I learned it a long time ago... Never bet against Annabeth
Name: Percy Jackson
Nickname: Sea-weed brain, water boy, Aqua man. Etc. ( hey I'm popular u can call me anything)
Gender: seriously dude? I'm male
Birthday: August 18
Age: 17
Godly parent and godly blessing: Poseidon
Cabin Counsellor: last time I check head counsellor...
Summer or year rounder: Year rounder
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Leo

~Hair: Black hair
~Eyes: Sea green eyes
~Height: 5"9
~Body type: Slender, muscular and athletic
~Skin tone: Tan
~Typical Clothing: Camp- Halfblood T-shirt with trousers
~Other: I <3 Wise Girl

Personality: Hey I'm a funny i guy if you ask... But friends matter to me more than myself. I have been told that my flaw is loyalty but I can't help it I'm always loyal to my friends..
Likes: The sea, camp halfblood, Cheese burgers, Blue coca cola and pizza
Hobbies: Being with Annabeth, sword fighting, chariot racing and fighting monsters, hehe.
Dislikes: Fate... Why couldn't they cut Annabeth and me some slack and let us live peacefully 4ever after..
Strengths: Sword Fighting, Canoe riding, surfing..
Weaknesses: Loyalty
Powers: Can control water. Hey I'm the son of the Earthshaker you know my powers. I can shake the Earth, haha.
Weapons: Riptide.
Prized possessions: Anaklusmos and Annabeth
Pet: Pegasus named Blackjack, but he's sort of a free spirit
Relationship Status: Dating
BF/GF: Annabeth is my GF now and 4ever
Mortal family: Sally Jackson.... Sm- oh no no he's not family not Gabe..
Friends: Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank, Nico, Grover, Clarisse, Rachel, Connor, Travis and everyone else in camp Halfblood

Can I be Percy Jackson?
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