I have a well-developed creature character, requesting permission to post!

A template would be fucking neat.

Quote(s): Woof!

Name: Dogmeat

Nickname: none

Preffered Name(s): Dogmeat


Age: Young adult

Gender: M

Species: German Shepard

Nationality: Do dogs have Nationalities?


Injuries/Past Injuries: Got bitten by other dogs a few times

Ilness(es): none

Disorder(s)/Mental Illness(es): none

Past Medical Record: none

Past crimes: none


Weapons: His teeth

Clothing: None

Armor: none

Throwables: none




Family: Unkown

Like(s): anything that squeaks, finding things, getting rewards

Dislike(s): Bad people, getting punished

Fetish(es): none

Crushes/Married: none so far

Ex's: none

Friends: none so far

Enemies: Well in the world of hosility anything that attacks him are enemies

Allies: none


Personality: intelligent, kind, lovable

Theme(S): none

Biography: When that Aurora crashed, Dogmeat and his owner's life pod was sent flying into the planet, crashing one of the islands. Dogmeat and his owner were surviving off of fish and fruits till one day, Dogmeat's owner got the karau disease and died the very next week. Now Dogmeat is all alone on the Enforcer platform waiting for the next human to care for him.


Weight: 235 lbs

Height: (Hard to explain)

Voice: Adorable

Sexuality: straight

Fighting Style: bite

How do they like to go about killing(If they do): he would do anything to protect his family or himself

Vehicles: Himself

I said to myself "Should I be a dog?" Then the answer came to in a dream and it said "YES! FOR THE LORD ALL MIGHT DOGMEAT!"
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