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Name: Damon
Age: 18
Area of Residence: 5107 Ocean Front Walk, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Element: Fire
Backstory: I was born into a rich family, who left me to live by myself while they lived in the Bahamas. I figured out my powers when some gang decided to came and beat me up.
Personality: Flirtatious, Party person
Physical Characteristics: 5’ 11.67”, 135 pounds, tan, Black hair, blue eyes.
Weapon of Choice: Scythes

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I am sitting alone under a palm tree, alone, when suddenly I jump up.  'no!" I shout.  ' why am I the only one I can find! why! am I alone in this world?"I set my fist on fire, thrust it into the palm tree, and after a few minutes, kick the ashes around in the sand.  

name: Lilah Mont
age: 12
location: new mexico
element: fire
back story: grew up in an almost all bender family.  when the people dressed in black came for them, she was just learning and hid in the tree.  when it was over she ran and whenever she was attacked she hid, until she learned to ways of fire bending.  she then set off to chase rumors of a safe school and found her way here.  has been training ever since.
appearance:  tall for 12, jet black hair and green eyes.  fair skin. scar on back of hand, result of getting to close to the fireplace during the winter months.
personality:  will defend the school and her friends at almost any cost.  when given the opportunity to do something awesome, she usually takes it.  loves to read and fight, but not at the same time.  she also really likes to fix things and will tinker with little bits of whatever.  will see anything that she is doing to the very end.
weapons: little knives concealed in clothes, but mostly bending.

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My demigod camp for Greeks and Romans!

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