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Welcome to Town! We're so glad you came! You have a home here, and we'd be thrilled if you would run or play games using the eponymous Chuubo's system. Any genre, anyplace in Town or Elsewhere, let's have fun together!
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just stumbled into this community. is it still alive at all? i've fairly recently fallen in love with the Chuubo and Nobilis systems and am actively looking for more content & opportunities to deploy it =D

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Folks in this community probably already know, or maybe already have all the games and don't need it, but Chuubo's is currently on Bundle of Holding and there's a couple of days left to get all the books. I already own Chuubo's core book and Nobilis, but I got it for the supplements anyway.

Hey! I'm not sure if this community is still alive, but if it is, I was hoping I could get ya'll's input on a question that's been buzzing around in my brain regarding Chuubo's.
I'm actually extremely confused on the purpose of the HG, primarily I don't quite actually get why there is one. Is it just a hold-over from the fact that most games have it and Jenna maybe just likes having a GM, or is there something more to it that I don't get?
Because like, from my experience with Chuubo's, with how much the players need to know as much about the game as the HG does (and that's something I feel like is a really good thing) plus how much narrative control players are given, the players are calling the shots most of the time, and often are establishing things about the NPCs and the world through their scene framing and their own stories and stuff, to the point where many times, the HG is barely needed. I can't count how many sessions we've had where as the HG I just sat there all night and watched my players roleplay. (Which like, mind you, I had a great time doing that, so that's by no means a criticism.)
I'm just trying to work out the reason why Jenna decided to include the HG, because with the structure I feel like GM-less play is the logical step, because really it takes no appreciable changes to make it GM-less, except for divvying up control of NPCs and changing when Afflictions are triggered outside of the player with the Affliction 's control from being triggered by the HG to being triggered by other players.

Hey, folks. Not sure if this is still an active community - maybe I've missed the boat here - but I've recently discovered Chuubo's and was hoping to find some help with understanding aspects of it. It feels like a system I should like a lot, and I see things in it that are really cool and seem like they could lead to some very strong, character-driven roleplay, but there's parts that I'm having a lot of trouble with and couldn't find a lot of advice on elsewhere. I think I'm just coming at things from a wrong angle, being much more used to more traditional tabletop RPG stuff, but there are things I'm just not quite getting.

The biggest thing is the Intentions Ladder. I've seen this referenced in a few other discussions here (there was one about doing laundry, I know), but I'm still not quite getting it after reading those.

I get the basics: You add up Skill + Will + Tools and such and subtract Obstacle if one exists, then compare to the Intentions Ladder to see what you can claim as results. I'm just not clear on the difference between some of the levels, really.

For instance: A level 2 is "Accomplish a task, have a tangible impact on the world." Meanwhile, a Level 4 is "do something effective - something that moves you closer to your goals."

What's the difference between those? If I've set out something I intend to do, wouldn't that be something that moves me closer to my goals? Then presumably with a Level 2, I've accomplished that thing and I'm closer to my goals...right? Or am I looking at this all wrong? I just don't get what it means to be "effective" in this case, I guess I'm saying - I mean, if I did something so well as to impress people (Level 3), doesn't it already follow that I was effective? But to be effective I have to get level 4?

And what's the difference between Level 3 and Level 6? In Level 3 I impress people, in Level 6 I...impress people? I guess it's a matter of scale of impression, maybe?

And then...there's level 9, which just feel like it means something indescribably deep and philosophical but which is utterly eluding me.

I basically feel like I get level 0 through level 3, assuming I'm interpreting things right...those seem to roughly correspond to a traditional RPG scale:

0 - Failure or Complications?
1 - Partial Success?
2 - Success?
3 - Critical Success?

Not quite directly analogous to that, but it seems like a semi-reasonable way to think about them. But then...there's still six more levels above that, and that's where I think I've got some kind of mental block preventing me from getting it.

Very much apologize if this isn't a good place to ask these things, and I'm probably just thinking from the wrong angle or something...this game just feels like it has some fascinating concepts that I want to use, but I'm just having some real difficulty and am hoping someone can help me break through my mental blocks here.

I recently ran an in-person campaign of Chuubo's for some friends. It was good fun, and I like the system enough to try it again. However, stress over the play aids is holding me back from doing that.

For the first campaign, I printed out a copy of each card exactly once. This wasn't enough cards, both for Issues and Quest cards. For Issue cards, multiple players can have the same Issue, and for Quest cards they need to be thrown away once used (because we marked them to indicate xp). I therefore need to print off some replacement cards, and I wasn't too happy with the print quality in the first batch.

As much as I like the tactile element of passing out cards, it would be a lot less hassle if there was some sort of website or app that helped with the card management. Does anyone know of anything like that?

I'm diving back into Chuubo's after a hiatus. Anyone running any games online I could join to get back up to speed?

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A one-shot I ran recently, It was my 2nd time running the system but all the players were mostly new.

One of the things I want to do in the new year is to run a game of Chuubo's. Preferably a longer game so some of the cooler things it does come into play. I wanted to clarify Character Creation for Miraculous characters.

On pg. 48 it gives you 3 options for starting Miraculous characters. 1) Start with 3 points of Arc Traits, 2) Start with a level 1 Arc, 3) If formerly mortal, Start at lvl 0 of your current Arc.

Arc traits are like Fallen Angel 1, Rockstar 2, yes? They denote what level of the Arc you are at and can be given at the end of Quests within that Arc, correct? Can these also be Miraculous Abilities if it fits with the character's Arc?

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