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Name: Millennia Tsukilari

Chum/Troll Handle: humanZodiac [HZ]

Age: 6 sweeps OR 13 hume years

Gender: Female

Species: [I could not really decide when I made her long ago so I made her a hume/troll mix] Hume/Troll mix

Powers/Abilities: Not known yet. Very well at weilding and using a scythe. Intelligent. Very nice. She always smiles no matter what. [i guess that's it?]

Likes/Dislikes: Likes- Happy things. Any beverage. Smiles! Dislikes- Death. Sad things. Frowns.

Bio: Tomboyish. Her blood is a pure black with some patches of light red here and there. She has no Zodiac sign. She has one heck of a typing quirk.

Thank you for joining. I hope you have a wonderful time here.
[I kinda made it myself. I used the head base at but I did everything else myself]

[open roleplay for school stuck I guess]

Your name is /MILLENNIA TSUKILARI/. You are a /HUMAN/TROLL MIXTURE/. You wanted have a tendancy to try to make friends with everyone. You love technology. You are /apeshit/ over technology, scythes, and making friends. You have quite a quirk in typing. You put on your regular full black clothing and made sure your eyepatch was in place. You didn't bother to hide your scar because you thought it looked cool. While gathering your books for school, you examined your new room. After throughly examining it and gathering your books, you go outside of your room and lock the door behind you.

"1 h093 1 m4k3 n3w fr13n65 45 500n 45 905518l3-!" (I hope I make new friends as soon as possible) [open roleplay]

[Hello everyone! I have never been on here before, but I hope my experience here is deadly, and fun~]

If the owner is still even active here, whats the community photo? Link plz

Wow this community is dead

Stamzi sits at a table alone at the coffee shop, just watching things happen, as he drinks his chocolate milk He lets out a long relaxed sigh

Soooo, is this community dead?

P.S I will take a maximum of 36 students and 1-2 teachers

hey im new here
one of my oc's is the character i will be going by
name: skye drake
age: 15
grade: 8th
blood: red
race: mutant born and raised on earth
gender: female but can be boyish and hang out with the guys
personality: fun and crazy but has blackouts where she cant remember anything and is mad at everyone/thing
likes: music, drawing, and hanging out with her moirail +Opal Captor 
dislikes: being to social
pesterchum handle: MagicalDarkness (MD)

I sat in the hall watching everyone go by. People tried to speak to me but I said nothing. So they leave me alone. I mostly hide from people
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