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Welcome to our Awesome Android Organizer for Ultimate Mobility , called

EZ Notes - Notes & To-Do Lists

This is our official new G+ community, to help countless people win prizes, learn more about our App, and treat each other with love and respect. Our direct link to this Community for sharing with all your dear friends is: ✔ ➙

Our fans and I are excited to be offering the world our exclusive custom voice based Organizer, known for "Ultimate Mobility." We are one of the only Apps on Google Play Store, to proudly offer a Futuristic (Next-Gen) styled organizer that helps customers take "Hands-Free" Pop-Up voice notes like never before (and much more). We call this style of Note Taking as "on-the-fly" Birdie note taking for your "Ultimate Mobility"

We don't like to compare our Unique Solution to other Apps. Once you begin using it, you will quickly recognize its usefulness and how feature rich and EZ it makes your life.

My overall goal as the developer was to keep the User Interface as Direct and Easy to operate as possible. No more bloatware, Navigation Drawers, Nasty sign-ups or sign-ins, Advertisements,
in-app purchases, or other annoying distractions that slow you down. Dive right in and blast through your work, and you are done in a lightning fast fashion. By comparison to Mainstream Organizers, we are the LEAST invasive App on the market (and far more secure from Hackers and other Cyber-security vulnerabilities associated with Cloud Storage). Additionally, our App is many times Slimmer (under 5 MB !) and operates perfectly in Off-line morde ... regardless of whether your device is Bran New, or several years old.

Resource Links for EZ Notes are provided here for everyone's benefit.
Kindly share these and help us notify more Android Fans out there please.

✔ Link to the Pro version of EZ Notes:

✔ Link to the Lite (Free) Trial version of EZ Notes:

✔ Overview of Product by "Technofare" (YouTube):

✔ Lots of education on our Landing Page ➙

✔ EZ to join us on our Facebook Group (to learn more, interact, and win Promo Code Prizes if you help share and support)

✔ Kindly Follow us on Pinterest, and LIKE (love) our posts and re-pin (re-share) our EZ Notes promotional product screenshots, to help EZ Notes gain visibility & benefit more people in their daily lives.

The Direct Link to EZ Notes once again ➙

We truly love and appreciate all our growing Fans and Friends from G+ and around the world. Together we are helping make Personal Organizing on Android Smartphones super fast, efficient, and EZ ! Be sure and kindly participate by sharing the above resource links on your own G+, and kindly invite your friends to join us here as well so they can learn and win Cool Promo Code Prizes etc...

Thank you for being our Awesome Android Birdie fans and supporters, and we are extremely excited and appreciate everyone's awesome support.

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Hello dear members, wishing everyone a wonderful Friday, and a happy weekend ahead.

Just wanted to remind and ask all you dear Birdies to continue inviting all your friends to join us here on our EZ Community. As you awesome friends know... our goal is to reach our first 100 followers, interested in helping promote and support our App... and in return for your kind and understanding STARS and Feedback for our Birdie, we provide you guys Promo Codes so you can achieve Ultimate Mobility and personal Freedom on your Smartphones.

Of course, we always appreciate so many of you dear friends who are helping us share and recommend EZ Notes as the best on-the-fly (on-demand) go to app on the Google play store.

We currently stand at 73 customers, and I am anxiously waiting for us to reach our first 100 registered users, so we can do our first official EZ Giveaways.

Thanks, everyone.
Kindly Keep sharing and inviting people here so we can make it happen.

Here is the link to our Official EZ Community:
✔ ➙

Sincerely Yours,
Alexander Madani

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Hey what's up dear Birdies,

We have an awesome 74 members helping us here on our official EZ Notes Community by participating and sharing our Ultimate Mobility Organizer with more and more new folks who have yet to discover how EZ and enjoyable we make the note taking process.

I greatly appreciate all you dear friends and your awesome social media skills, helping us share and recommend my App with more people you know.

Keep up the great work helping us out... So that we can soon proudly conduct our first Promo Code Giveaways for you guys. And as you dear Birdies win (receive) your App for free, we kindly ask that you spring to action and help our App and support grow by providing your awesome Stars and Feedback.

These steps you dear friends of mine take are very important to EZ Notes, because as you all kindly know... I am an indie developer with extremely limited visibility, funding and support for my business at this point. So your Strong Stars and Feedback help my work get discovered and supported by Organizing fans that need the fastest and most device efficient product. Your kindness to our App and community help us become much more visible and supported, and also encourage and empower my business to conduct regular Super Sales for all Android students and families across the world to benefit even more.

Thx again everyone
Together we can make the Birdie become the top Go-To App
on Android. Keep sharing and recommending our App, and ask your dear friends to join us and participate with my efforts. We are only about 25 members short of doing a Giveaways for the benefit of our first 100 members.

My special thanks to +vineel varma
and +Shivam GolaniTM
Who are also owners and moderators of this community. They can help answer many questions about our software, it's benefits, and many wonderful features and applications for enhancing your Urban lifestyles.

Alexander Madani
Developer of: EZ Notes - Notes & To-Do Lists 

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There's a chance that the app hangs while opening a note and doesn't stop hanging. After restarting the app, the note that's been opened will be lost. I just lost a quite important note through that :/

Hello guys,

This post is to address an observation that has been brought to our attention by our dear friend +*Max Müller* about his EZ Editor. Thank your Max for your observation, as I have a few things to say about it.

In a post here, dear Max kindly mentions that there is a chance that EZ Notes hangs after opening the Editor... and after hanging and restarting his App, the note appears to be gone. There are a couple things to mention about this.

(1) Firstly, I would like to mention that EZ Notes (to the best of my knowledge) is not designed to Hang when you invoke your Editor. It has never happened to myself on my Nexus device, and as far as I know, very few other people so far. Please bear in mind that there is a high chance that a smartphone (like all smartphones) can experience something else that causes EZ Notes to hang. Often times, another background running task, an Anti-Virus program doing heavy scanning, or Low Ram (too many open active tasks) could indeed cause any App to crash. Just like we see for example in Google's Hangouts App or G+ App etc. Android systems sometimes crash, but that is not always the direct fault of the App in question.

(2) This point is quite important. If you have been working on your Note for some time, be sure to Save by clicking the Back Arrow. If the EZ Editor is in edit mode (meaning that it is open and you have not saved your work)... then if something happens and the App is closed (possibly force closed as discussed in item 1 above), then EZ Notes does not magically have awareness that you had been working in Edit Mode, so your note will naturally be lost. This is not a bug but its how EZ Notes works. Some Apps might allow the user to leave their Editor open without saving their Notes, but not in EZ Notes.

(3) Small tip for saving vital information:

There are several EZ ways to make sure you save your important work.

a) Highlight (Select All) the content of your note. Then with the original note moved to another Folder, create (working and Live) note on your home screen. That way you have a solid backup of your note in another folder, just in case you need to revert back.

b) Once all your notes are Saved and Visibly showing as Cards on your home screen (the main screen with all the voice, To-Do, and Sketching options)... then you can easily use your EZ Export function to backup your note to your Google Drive account , or by email to yourself so that it is stored in your inbox in case you need to restore (copy back) the note into EZ Notes.

Thank you, dear Max, for your information.
I hope these tips help .

Best Regards,
Alexander Madani

Hello dear Birdies,

Congratulations to our awesome community here thus far. We have 72 members already and hopefully this week sometime, with your ongoing invitations to help your friends and help our Birdie... You guys will continue inviting more and more people here to our EZ Community.

As stated before, we plan to do a Giveaways as soon as we reach our first 100. And every month thereafter if we continue to grow by at least 100 new supporters, then we will continue to do Giveaways month after month.

So be sure to inform your dear friends, students, and families that if they help us by joining us here, sharing EZ Notes with others, and providing their Awesome Stars and supportive comments on our play store (to promote our concepts of Ultimate Mobility and Efficiency)... then they will be awarded a Free Promo Code for their contribution to my marketing efforts.

Thank you so much everyone !
Let's make it happen.


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Happy Friday to all you dear Members here, helping us make the most of our Marketing Efforts behind our awesome Ultimate Mobility Voice based Birdie, and soon you will have the opportunity to win your awesome on-the-fly (and very efficient on-demand) go-to App (EZ Notes).

As you dear friends know ... it's very hard to keep a great (independently developed software) our App , visible and supported. The reason we developers are giving away years of back breaking work (our Apps) for free is not because we don't need to make a living like everyone else. But it's because you dear friends will be able (through your understanding and help)... to provide us your awesome Strong Stars and some nice comments, so that we can sustain a living, and pay for my business marketing expenses (which several committed dear G+ Birdie assistants of mine are doing on a full time basis).

So your help sharing and recommending EZ Notes all the time is vital to us.

We currently have 66 awesome members here. We have less than 40 to go, and I am excited that one of my dear assistants (or myself if I have time)... will be doing an official Promo Code Giveaways, so you guys can Enjoy EZ, and help me with your awesome STARS and Comments.

Thank you everyone. Please kindly continue notifying an inviting more of your friends, families, and students to join us here, for our efforts. By participating, they will get a chance to win our awesome Ultimate Mobility Organizer, and join our awesome community (while we are able to keep it alive).

Here is the link to this Community, so be sure and use your Emails, G+, Twitter, Facebook, and any other outlets you have, to notify people about EZ.

Our Official EZ Notes Community where we do Giveaway Prizes is
at: ✔ ➙

EZ E = EZ Enjoyment
and I'm delighted to see us working together to spread EZ E to more and more Android customers who need the fastest most efficient organizer on the play store. Thank you everyone, for your awesome passion and support.

Sincerely Yours,
Alexander Madani
Developer of: EZ Notes - f

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