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As Google will be shutting down Google+ in 10 months thought I would point out the other social media locations for RPTools/MapTool.




And, of course, the forums:

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There is a new site for sharing mapping assets. Started up by some Wonderdraft users, the assets there are mostly PNG files for doing large scale maps (i.e. not tactical) but if you want to map your world or just the current campaign area there are some great resources.
Cartography Assets
Cartography Assets

Hey everyone, does anyone have Pathfinder's Emerald Spire mapped out in maptools? My friend wants me to run it, but I already have two campaigns I am working on. I have time to read through this dungeon, but no time to get it maptool ready.

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Some nice regional/world map cartography items.
Pals, here’s a cartography token/tile set for those crafty DMs and world builders that love to create their own locations with premade assets. There are 190 tokens in total. This token pack is great to create regional or world maps. All tokens are…

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MapTool user Domigorgon has release a pack of map tiles and objects on his Patreon. Take a look. Has quite a few nice maps and other items.

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More buildings (with interior floorplans!) for your towns and villages.
I've just uploaded my 104-large Buildings Pack, containing interiors, roofs, and stair/door/wall tokens. Grab my furniture tokens too (it's all free) and show me what you can cook up! :)


Could someone please update the

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For those looking to create really attractive world or campaign maps, Wonderdraft is in early access right now for only $20.

Here is a YouTube first look (not by me):

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Killer map for free from AfternoonMaps on Patreon. Versions with/without grid and tentacles.

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For those looking for more objects and maps to use in MapTool, many of these Patreon artists have some great stuff.
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