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A few grave slab objects.
Some grave slab images for your tombs and cemeteries. Individual images can be found in the album.

Howdy folks. I was directed to your Tools because I am trying to figure out how to make my own custom tokens. I found your Token Tool, downloaded it, and now can't figure out what to do with it. It almost looks like it is missing the program itself, but I am absolutely not a coder, just couldn't find an actual .exe file. Help?


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And another 4 tiles added to the set...
4 Photos - View album

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Stretch Goal #3 has just been unlocked! MapForge will now have NINE free content Add-Ons! That should help offset the modest cost of the software. Expect an Update soon to preview the four new Add-Ons that were just unlocked.

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I expect this will be a handy replacement for the aging Dundjinni software. For those that don't have the time and/or desire to sufficiently master Photoshop, Gimp or other paint software this should allow for easy creation of nice maps for use in MapTool.

I'm a backer.

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Felt the need to make some map tiles. These are intended for use in MapTool (or other VTT) at 50px per grid. Here are the 5x5 tiles.

Im LFG of pretty much any fantasy setting game. I can play tons of games and havent been able to find a maptools group. Please Message me if you have room

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Review of MP02 Dungeon Objects from Devin Night.

Been using Devin's awesome top-down tokens in MapTool for ages and recently picked up the Dungeon Objects set.

This is a fantastic set of objects for use as set dressing for your maps whether you create them in an graphics program such as Gimp or directly in VTTs like MapTool. There are actually 244 PNG image files in the set I received but a number of these are color variations so the 236 number probably represents the unique items before color variations. Most images are 280×280 pixels in overall size with a few that are 560×560.

The various burnt, damaged and half-eaten books and scrolls alone make this a great value but there are plenty of architectural items, adventurer gear, treasure bits and a good selection of debris both natural and man-made.

The objects, for the most part, are named well so it is easy to do a file system search to find them if you’ve placed them into folders with other items. This also lets like items group together when browsing the folder as images.

I have two minor quibbles about the set. First is that there a handful of items that are supplied in both a large and small version. Really is no point to the small version as they are going to be used in programs where they can be scaled to the desired size when used. The second quibble is that they all have quite a bit of padding or empty space around the object images. This extra space can actually be annoying in MapTool when you are trying to move and arrange objects in a room as it makes the images overlap more than they need to. As I said though these are minor quibbles and don’t take away from just how nice they look.

Highly recommended.

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Kristian's map tiles work great in MapTool. Been using his stuff for years and years now.

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