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Name: Falcontalon
Gender: Tom
Peronality: Nice, Fearless, Leader
Strengths: Hunting, swimming, seeing better in the dark.
Weaknesses: HATES eagles, not good hunting in open fields

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Silverstar woke up and yawned from her moss bed. She stood up and stretched. She slowly padded out of her den. She nodded at Falcontalon signaling her to start ordering the patrols. She walked up to the Silverledge. She climbed up it and sat down her tail curling around her paws, sitting high and proud. She yowled the clan meeting saying. "If you are old enough to catch fish come to the Silverledge for a clan meeting!" Her yowl rang throughout the whole camp as cats ran up to the edge of the pond. "Today I have a very important announcement!" She flicked her tail at Falcontalon on the Deputy Ledge. "Falcontalon has found a new place to communicate with SkyClan!" She looked at her daughter with pride. She looked back at her clanmates. "Falcontalon will lead patrols to the spot soon after the border and hunting patrols return!" She looked back at her beautiful daughter and smiled the breeze blowing in the silver tabby's fur. She turned back to her audience and said "The Clan Meeting is now done. Return to your duties." She jumped onto the Deputy Ledge and Falcontalon bent down to her mother's height. Silverstar mewed to her. "Good job. I'm so proud of you and I know you will be a great leader when I join SkyClan."

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Name: Silverstar(previously Silvertail)
Gender: She-Cat
Personality: Sweet, caring, considerate, outgoing, observant, easy to love
Strengths: Jumping, swimming, cold, hunting in the undergrowth
Weaknesses: Running, heat, hunting in the open moors
Rank: Leader
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