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Hello, this is the Ice Clan World. Please take a moment to read the rules:

1. Respect everyone. This includes picking on people, making fun of people, laughing at people, etc.

2. Put comments in correct category. Yes this is dumb, but please. I can then find it, and I can then comment on it just in case its inapropiate.

3. No inapropiate things.  Just like said in the 2nd one, inapropiate things will have a warning about the comment. This includes butts, breasts, etc.

4. Don't say UTTP is not annoying, unless your uttp. We AJ fans all hate UTTP, I know, I do too. But, Its them.

5. No inapropiate RP parts. This includes milking breasts, pooping, etc.

Now, please follow these rules, or be BANNED.

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The ice clan is in my den. My username is sealdoine, if you would like to see the clan.
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