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Any comments about the new FCPX 10.4 ?

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Happy Holidays To All

Blender Buddies - Blender for Avatars
Fridays 10am grid time
Location: Hobo Sandbox, Cookie ii region, Kitely grid
This week we'll talk about weight painting workflows

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Hello, media artists in NYC! It's true, our gifts as purpose-driven changers, makers, and innovators can come naturally, but the way we apply our gifts on a day-to-day basis to create thriving businesses is what requires clarity, support, guidance, and patience.

I'm thrilled to be invited by Monica Aparicio of The Lifestyle Lounge to lead a fireside chat on conscious leadership during an evening of vegan dining on Tuesday, 5/23.

This is how we connect, grow and thrive.

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3D web-worlds of the browser
The growing interest in web-worlds shows a need for a community where we can share what we know and what we can do. Here is a community forum where we can do that.

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Wednesday, Jan 11, 1:30-3pm Grid/SL/WestCoast
Today! Our first public unveiling of CRASH! The Avatar Musical.

This will not be streamed, we will be reading using Voice. So come listen. We shall be on Metropolis Metaversum grid ("Metro"), at Sandbox Neovo, look for the Gridhoppers Theater to the north-east.

This is a 'Table Reading'… me and the amazing Emil Jannings will read from the script, I'll play a little bit of the music so you get the hang of it (but it will be in Voice and sound like I'm playing thru the landline phone). And I'll tell you where I hope this will go, and maybe suggest some fun things we can do together.

Yes, I'm excited… hope you are too. It's a real long process, but this is a big first step! See you there!

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Wow! 52 members! What a happy! I never imagined there'd be so much interest in doing a musical comedy about avatar life.
And while I have sent notecards to every friend in my lists, I hear from quite a few that they did not get the ones I sent if they were offline. So, if you are a friend of mine, notes were sent at the end of November, you might find them in the Notecard folder. Or not. Don't let that stop you from checking out what we're doing here at The CRASH! Site, or asking me about it. And I promise I will try to spam y'all again.

Musicals grow slow. And need all kinds of skills. Given the diverse time zones and varied outages everyone experiences, both inworlds and out, most jobs, from acting to crew, will be filled by more than one person.

And I do not want anyone to take on a job they aren't going to enjoy doing! You are welcome to join simply to be an audience member! And you do not have to join to be in the audience! We will have many open events to just watch, like our first Table Reading. YES!

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 1:30-3 pm grid time
Location to be announced

As ever, contact me inworld (OSGrid or Kitely TT recommended) or here or at

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looking for interpretations!
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