I will join Mistclan :D

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Name: Gingerfur
Clan: Savageclan
Rank: Warrior or Deputy, either one is fine with me 
Back story: Ginger, used to be known as an rouge, she used to be an kittypet, but she changed that right when she relized theres more to life than being with twolegs, 'freedom'. Soon she learned how to fight and hunt, she began wandering around the forest. she than heard rumors of clans, Lionclan Savageclan Mistclan And Swiftclan. She wishes to join Savageclan, as loyal and brave as she can be. 

Battle attack, just for fun: CC The Ginger Nero Shecat Hooked Her Retracktibles Into The Shoulder Twisting In An Circle Making Blood Gush Out As She Snapped Her Teeth Into The Exposed Shoulder Breaking Apart The Frame In Seconds CC

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Drabstar as a kit. :) 

Name: Greywing
Rank: Deputy
Clan: Lionclan
Backstory: When I was a kit, i had escaped my old clan, sadly, it was so long ago that i cannot remember what the name of the clan. Many years later, A tom cat that was a rouge scratched my left eye leaving a scar on my face leading down to my chin. I found a new clan many many years after that and it was called lionclan. I became deputy of the clan. That is the tale of Greywing. (My profile picture is my cat i lost that picture in my files sorry)

I have some news to announce, my clan is having trouble with these dogs, they have invaded half the forest and stolen half of OUR prey, but i have made sure they wont return for a while, but to lighten the mood, Gingerfur is the Deputy of Savageclan. VV Deathstar Smirked At Gingerfur Down Below VV

VV Deathstar Crept Around The Forest Her Bright Icy Orbs Gleaming As She Spotted An Squirrel Nawing On An Nut, Deathstar Than Swiftly Hooked Her Claw Into The Squirrels Tail, Pinning With No Escape She Snapped Her Powerful Teeth Into Its Throat Killing Swiftly Blood Staining Her White Fangs VV

Cats of all clans, the gathering has come to an end!

Cats of all clans, we need to have an gathering! 

VV Deathstar Leaped Onto The Center Rock, Gazing Below Narrowing Her Orbs To An Shape Of An Crescent Moon VV

Well me and greywing looked at are sorroudings all the prey we see sees us were too tall to hunt in a small patch of grass! Our camp is beraly safe and we're out in the open! I conserved for everyone especially the Queens,kits, and trainies.
VV the she cat said lowering her head and tail VV
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