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Reaction request:

Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive - Game Grumps BY GameGrumps

#saverobbierottenfromcanser 1 like to join to save him

Are you a real villain?

Looks like Tuesday might be the day reactions come back! :D

To those that are wondering what is taking reaction #85 so long, it's because I can only do reactions at my sister's house (fast Internet there), and I haven't been getting to go there lately.
Moreover, I'm in my junior year of high school, therefore I've been super busy studying for act and that kind of stuff.
I'm not sure when the return of reactions will be, but when I do return, I'll make like 20 to make up the time of absence on reactions.
I hope you all can forgive me.

New rule: you can only request up to 2 reaction requests, what that means is you can give a reaction or 2. But you'll have to wait until the reaction is done to request another one or two. That'll start after #80.
(And I'm picking reactions #75-#80)

Hang in there, I'm trying my best to find out when I can make the reaction requests

So to those who wonder what is taking reaction #69 so long.
It's Because I only do reactions at my sisters house. Plus I haven't been able to go there because of Christmas. And plus when school is in session I can only go there Friday-sunday (if I ask my parents if I can go :3) but no worries. I'm praying I can try to make the requests of reactions #69-#73. So please don't worry :)

Ey peeps chet here
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