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name: bumblebee
age: teen and baby
gender: male//mech
Side: autobot
other side: decepticon
transforms into: human baby or some times a husky dog
Species:Cybertronian human dog
Abilities: Super speed, since of smell as a dog and inhuman super strength
Likes: chew toys when in dog form,baby teething toys when human baby, being babyed by others
hobbies: raceing , playing , videogames, anime, drawing,

Bumblebee was born as one of the last generation to be created from the Well of Allsparks after it had seized producing life. During 'The Great War', Bumblebee joined the Autobots where he fought alongside Optimus Prime and several other comrades during the centeuries-old skirmish. and he was turn into a human dog . and is techno organic turn into that by bad humans who made him as a lab pet experiment . they made him a hybreed of a human cybertronian with dog dna. .
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Name: Wasp
Side: Autobot
Gender: Female
Transforms into: Bell 407 Helicopter and 2016 Corvette
Main colors: mostly black the rest is yellow (like bumblebee's colors but flipped)
Height: 18ft
Pet Peeve: Being underestimated, being called weak, fragile, a coward
Likes: Being helpful, etc
Hobbies: training, pranks, taking a drive or flying around
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