Sam was walking in the mansion minding his own business until he heard a noise

Sam: what the


Sam was walking inside the mansion and was angry

Sam: eyes start to turn grey and sits on couch

Jasmin was walking in the woods until she sees this mansion

Jasmin: wow that's cool starts opening door

+Holly The killer

Name: Sara
CP name: red skull
Likes: killing and red
Dislikes: Toby Louis and The pastas
Age: 18
Gender: female
Appearance: red hair mask red eyes
bio: I was a young girl I liked blood never trusted anyone one day I was getting bullied non-stop then I snapped I killed them everyone in town.
Weapon: metal wire
How I kill: chokes the victim with wire

Sam was walking in the woods

+vmeepawesomeperson AJ

Name: Sean
Cp name: The hooded killer
Gender: male
Bio: (im too lazy) 
Age: 18
Appearance: black hair red eyes black hoodie
Crush: none
How i kill: gets inside their head and make them commit suicide 
Weapon: knife

Name: Jasmin
CP name: not a CP
Gender: female
Age: 7
Bio: when I was 5 I started getting hunted by cp's I try hiding I'm jus lucky I wasn't dead a smilling person killed my parents he had this cut smile he had black hair and burnt eye lids lucky I got away

Toby was walking and training Sam and....

+Holly The killer

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