Hey there, is anyone here interested in joining our longstanding freestyle fantasy roleplay game?

I’ve steadily built the world from childhood (particular over the last eight years), so it’s a fairly rich and realised world at this point, with memorable characters. I GM and voice act all the non-player characters. 

There are no dice or statistics (though I carefully track training choices between games, weapon tiers etc), and few fixed rules, so it comes down to GM intuition; to survive and thrive is a matter of player decisions, judgement, boldness at the right moment, and ingenuity. Combat takes place in real time.

Combat takes place in real time or almost real time, innovation and creative thinking are rewarded. Though very different to games like D&D, there are familiar features such as dungeoneering in a vast and sinister underworld labyrinth that lies beneath the upper world.  

There are an essentially limitless number of ‘professions’ and races to choose from, a large pantheon, and mature system of magic. My best friend is a long time enthusiastic player who’d be more than happy to show you the ropes as you go along – every aspect of the ropes. 

We’ve had other players come and go, and at pains of sounding pretentious (which I’m very good at – I’ve not a trace of modesty), the game does require certain traits of the players for it to work; imaginativeness, intelligence, broad-mindedness. 

Also, please no dull, passive people, who say virtually nothing during games and sit there like a wet-potato (this will result in character death), personality required too. And please, no one who can’t cope with the lack of a rule book and fixed structure. 

Enthusiastic engagement will come naturally if you enjoy the game.
The game isn’t for the prim and narrow-minded either – surrealism, comedy, adult-content, ludicrous extremes, stereotypes, coincidences, ‘weirdness’, and comical, absurdly humorous, ‘unrealistic’ charters are all regular features – but then equally is can seamless transition into the very serious, horror, enchantment, and so on. 

There are no fixed playing times, but meeting up about once every three weeks would probably be ideal. The bulk of the things are the in-person games, but we also send some e-mails between games, such as communicating with a character from the world, sending training choices, making shop purchases, or me describing an event that has happened to the character etc (those these are  irregular and don’t take much time or commitment).
A dash of commitment and enthusiasm provide the energy for the game, but we’re very flexible on timing and length of time between games. 

I could talk forever about the world and the wonderful and adventures we’ve had in it, but this message it getting quite long enough, so;

I’ve plenty of material I could send you so you can get the idea, or ask any questions :)

If you’re interesting or want to know more before you decide you’re interested – please contact me or my friend Rowan Macfie on Facebook, Personal e-mail ‘kiaseth@gmail.com’, and/or my friend, then if you like you can chat to me/us on skype.

Distance could be a problem, we’re located in the South East of England, the travel is worth it, but we’ll consider telepresence.  

Thanks for reading.

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Snow, the mysterious girl with the snow white cat ears and tail, wandered the forest paths, her red dress flowed in the bitter cold breeze as she fell into the shadows and her sapphire eyes glowed

2nd character!

Name: Hoxton
Age: 21
Gender: male
Weapons/skills:  bow, sword, and a bit of summoning (not powerful at all but it can help a lot)
Faction: Ponies
Bio: I was abandoned as a child and given the name Hoxton. Because of this I had to fight my way through life.
Personality: slight anger issues, is more powerful when angry, deathly silent when he needs to be, and he is pretty quick. (not as quick as my 1st OC, Wolf)

Name: wolf
Age: 20
Gender: male
Weapons/skills: claws, bow, natural blending in, and speed/agility
Race: werewolf
Bio: nobody really knows
Personality: quiet, dark, and shadowy

walking around silently in wolf form

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