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Legends list:

Kyogre:(No one)
Groundon: (No one)
Rayqauza: (No one)
Shaymin: ( +Team Guardian Leader Yoshino Tekanshari Fujieda)
Victini: ( +Team Guardian Leader Yoshino Tekanshari Fujieda)
Cressilia: (No one)
Darkrai: ( +Rocky Vortex)
Lugia: (No one)
Ho:oh: (No one)
Palkia( +Pokemon Hunter Dark)
Dialga: (No one)
Giritina: ( +Rocky Vortex)
Diancie: (No one)
Regirock: (No one
Regice: (No one)
Registeel: (No one)
Regigas:(No one)
Latias: (No one)
Latios: (No one)
Zekrom: ( +Pokemon Hunter Dark)
Reshiram: ( +Team Guardian Leader Yoshino Tekanshari Fujieda)
Kyrum: (No one)
Azelf: (No one)
Uxie: (No one)
Mesprint: (No one)
Genesect: (No one)
Keldeo: (No one)
Virizion: (No one)
Cobalion: (No one)
Terrekon; (No one Can't spell)
Jirachi: ( +Team Guardian Leader Yoshino Tekanshari Fujieda)
Xerneas: (Unavailable)
Yveltal: (Unavailable)
Zygarde: (Unavailable)
Arceus: (Unavailable)
(I'll do the rest later)

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I need my team to be approved or we can't do anything.

Walks up to the Burned Tower Ho-Oh should be back soon...
Ho-Oh lands on top of the tower and roars
I use a Rocket Ball,it fails
Raticate, Thunderbolt.
Ho-Oh Roars again and falls off the tower
I use another Rocket ball, and catches it successfully 

arrives at spear pillar
I hope palkia is here.
palkia roars then looks at me
Kingdra let's go! I send out Kingdra
Dragonbreath let's go!
Kingdra uses Dragonbreath on palkia but it doesn't do much even if it's super effective
attacks with dragon claa and Kingdra is on half heath
Kingdra return. Go sceptile!
Kingdra returns and sceptile comes out
palkia uses spacial render on sceptile but ot misses
Sceptile use dragon claw! dragon claw hits and is down to half health
Ultra ball go! I throw a ultra ball
Damit! palkia uses hydro pump but it does nearly no damage
Leaf storm! sceptile uses leaf storm on palkia weaking it more to red health
Ultraball go!
palkia starts to get tried so he can't attack as fast, uses dragon dance
One last time, Ultraball go!
palkia was caught
Nice. Well done sceptile and Kingdra you both battled well.
battle finished

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Name: Connor
Age: 18
Hometown: Twinleaf town, Sinnoh
Currently lives: West of Mt. Silver, but not in Blackthorn City.
Team: Insurgent
Team role: Area Denial/Weapons specialist
Gender: Male
Main team: Pidgeot, Venusaur(Nickname: EPIC MOLD!), Gardevoir, Porygon-Z(Nickname: 1), Zoroark.
Apprearance: Zoroark fusion(Photo 1), Porygon-Z fusion(Photo 2)
Catchphrase: Photo 3
Relationship: Konata Izumi(Wife, Missing), +Shuuya Izumi (Son)
Bio: <is similar to +Gabriel Czupinski's bio upa certain point> Connor was fused with a Zorua to combine his already heightened mental capabilities with Zorua's ability to create an illusion. It was a complete success, despite him being in a coma for a few weeks. When he woke up, he looked completely like a Zorua, but then hearing that a Zorua had been fused with him, he knew that it was still him under the hood, transforming into a look in-between a Zorua and a human, but hiding most of the things that were not like he normally was under his jacket and cap. Until he met someone who had gone through the same pain as him, he met and became friends with Sir Gabe, who had been fused with a Honedge. The Zorua part of him recently evolved into Zoroark. Has recently also fused with a Porygon-Z.
Character theme: 
- BW/BW2: "Wrapped in Black" BW remix by ArcanaAaron
- XY: "My Destination" by NemesisTheory
- CX-4 plane/spaceship/boat/submarine/mechsuit-hybrid
- CXW-1 Particle cannons(built to break shields)
- CXW-2 Gravity flux cannon(built to destroy weapons of mass destruction)
- CXW-T Light-based turrets(to stun enemies)
- CR-1 Bike
- Can have any hand weapon mounted
- On foot
- CW-1 Railgun(50m Range)
- FN Five-seveN pistol
- Soul Blades (These are always on him and are soulbound, can only be wielded by Connor.)
- PokeChanger watch(built by +Samantha Cheng, allows him to turn into any Pokémon except for legendaries.)

Special skill: Soul Connect
Special skill description: allows the user to connect to someone's soul and help them out.

Text = Speech 
(Text) = Thought
[Text] = Narrator
<Text> = Computer message
Text = Action
Text = Telepathy
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Wanders to the top of dragonsprial tower
"It should be around here somewhere.."
Stares directly at reshiram
"Hmm..oh wait! It's there"
Reshiram lets out a loud roar and shots a dragon pulse at me
"AH!" Jumps out the way to dodge it and sends out victini
Victini lets out it's cry "Use blue flare!" Victini sends blue flares towards reshiram which knocks it against one of the pillows"Great work" Reshiram uses fushion flare? Forgot it which he blasts at victini knocking it into the wall and making victini faint "Wow thats strong..Shaymin your up!" Sends out shaymin sky form "Use air slash quickly!" Shaymin slashes a blade of air at reshiram "Nice work." Reshiram uses flamethrower on shaymin nearly knocking it out "Now for this.." Throws a heavy ball at reshiram "please..." Crosses fingers the ball clicks once...and twice....and 3 times!!! And catches reshiram...."OMG YAY!"

Your allowed more then one legendary. But no spam on capture posts.

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Name: Dark
Pokemon: mightyena, lucario, espeon, sceptile, kingdra and salamence
Age: 16
Gender: male
Bio: Clasdified
Team: Hunters

I arrive at dragonspiral tower with salamence and I see Zekrom one of the legendary trio
Zekrom I'm here to catch you!
Zekrom roars and fires a dragon pulse at salamence
Salamence dodge it and use draco meteor!
salamence dodges and uses draco meteor
zekrom takes a lot of damage but is in the yellow
Hm! Not yet, salamence return and go kingdra!
I return salamence and send out kingdra
zekrom uses fusion volt on kingdra and he's on yellow hp
Kingdra use dragonbreath on Zekrom!
kingdra uses dragonbreath on zekrom, goes down to 5hp and is paralysed
Go ultra ball!
1...2...3 breaks and zekrom roars & uses dragon pulse and faints kingdra
Sceptile your up! I send out sceptile
Ultraball go!
1...2....3...breaks! Damit! zekrom uses dragon claw on sceptile & is on half hp
Hang in sceptile! I take out a timer ball
TIMER BALL GO!, Zekrom is caught
battle finished

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