jack lays on his back in the grass, closing his eyes (open))

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+Gryffindor Witch Daughter of Poseidon
Jack smiles, daisies popping up in his hair, making a crown. He touches a hand to the ground, and focuses. In about ten seconds, a small group of flowers grow from the ground. He lets out a giddy laugh wow, okay, mom is kind of cool I guess

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Name Bonnie Neil
Age 17
Birthday September 12
Gender Female
species god. Her parent is Athena
likes movies, internet, books
Dislikes Ignorance
advantages she's smarter than the average human
disadvantages her mom (don't ask)
weapon of choice knife
personality smart, awesome
crush none
powers menecular caneeses 
sexuality straight

Anyone wanna RP with jack?

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name: The Doctor
incarnation: the 11th
gender: male
age: 1196
Race: Timelord
Occupation: Time Traveler, Scientific advisor of UNIT, protector of Trenzalore, curator of the under gallery, care taker.
Equipment: Sonic Screwdriver, Jammy Dodger, Sonic cane, communications device, Handles (cyber man head), reading glasses,TARDIS key.
appearance: in pictures below
outfits: purple frock coat, light blue shirt, grey waistcoat,blue bow tie decorated with tiny dots, brown boots, black trousers, fob chains,blue suspenders, gold watch.
previous outfit: tweed Jacket, white shirt with lines, red suspenders, red bow tie, brown boots, gold watch.
wears fez on occasion
bio: The 11th Doctor was a gauche, capricious, emotionally unpredictable and adventurous incarnation of the renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor, as well as the final incarnation in his original regeneration cycle. However by this point in his life his reputation had grown immense, attracting a new strain of conflicts. Wishing to withdraw from the dangers it created, he became a secretive and guileful individual for the sake of himself and those he held close. He engaged in a centuries long struggle to the death against his enemies including an assassination plot and a last stand against the silence. His multi century war with the silence critically involved companions Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song. Ultimately the most significant defeat of the silence required him to marry River in a dubiously legal ceremony, but one that they both seem to regard as genuine.

After the Touch of an weeping angel he lost his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams. The Doctor became carless and retired to Victorian London and associated himself on occasion with the Paternoster gang. During this grunge faze he rediscovered a woman called Clara Oswald whom he thought died in the distant future, she once died again here. Fascinated by this impossible girl which He likes to call her, he set off to solve the mystery of her multiple lives and take her on as his latest time traveling companion. He discovered her to be a part of his timeline, being that she entered it to save him from the Great intelligence. In doing so he revealed her to his secret incarnation who had fought in the time war. With his previous incarnations being that of the tenth and war doctor he saved the time lords from destruction and instead placed galifrey in a pocket universe with help of most of his incarnations. Of course due to the laws of time all doctors except for him to forget. This allowed him to cleanse his hands of genocide which he previously thought he committed. Now one last adventure awaits this incarnation of the mad man with the box, defending the people of the town called Christmas. 
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May I be the 11th Doctor +Castiel Winchester

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Name jack Oakley
Age 17
Birthday February 7
Gender Male
species demigod. Half human, half God. His parent is Demeter
likes movies, internet, tattoos,nature, floppy hair
Dislikes bossy girls, the colour red,people
advantages he can use his powers to tie up the enemy
disadvantages his powers stop working after a while, or depending on how much energy he had to start with
weapon of choice powers
personality bubbly,cranky, flirty at times,sweet, kitten like
friends none
crush none
powers can control and grow flowers on the ground, and sometimes on ther people
sexuality Gay
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Real Name: Theta Sigma
Species: Timelord
Lives: The TARDIS
Timelord Name: The Doctor
TARDIS: Type 40
Sonic: Screwdriver
Age: 903
Gender: Male
Bio: A renegade Timelord, The Doctor travels in his Type 40 TARDIS, saving Time and Space. He is 903 and on his 11th regeneration, because there was the War Doctor and, as much as the Doctor doesn't like it, The War Doctor WAS a regeneration. 

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Real Name: Kappa Pi Neon Oakwood
Species: Timelord
Lives: Arcadia, Gallifrey
Timelord Name: The Historian
TARDIS: Type 79
Sonic: Screwdriver
Age: 200
Gender: Male
Regenerations Left:  12
Bio: Kappa Pi Neon Oakwood, or The Historian, is a 200 year old Timelord who grew up in post-war Arcadia, after the rebuilding. Kappa signed up with the Gallifrey Council as a Vortex Police. Kappa's all-time goal is to meet his hero, The Doctor.

Can I be Doctor?
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