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I updated the character sheet for the most recent Draft 6 of Swift d12. Enjoy!
Edit: no changes needed for Draft 8.

+Richard Woolcock hey Richard,
I remember once we discussed the (possible) starting stats for humans. As I recall it was +1 and +1 any trait and size +2. Is that correct? Is there anything else I would need to consider? 

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Following a recent discussion with +Mathew Halstead about handling skills (and particularly abilities that really should require some sort of special training, such as picking locks), I've been toying with the idea of Specialist Feats:

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So, the first part of the playtest is over, we will continue next week. Below is an album with the screens of the setup. I put comments on the pictures. I have a high resolution screen, I hope they work for you.

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. The writing is top notch and sets a great tone.
The ambush cards where universally loved, as was the Meat Shield rule.

One unilateral feedback I have though: The damage is far to cumbersome for the game. We did not even have a full combat with tons of participants yet, only the Skirmish. But the way this works is just too convoluted with too many rolls to be SWIFT. I understand why you did it that way, because it is like in Savage Worlds. But in my Groups opinion the game would be better served with a much more streamlined or classic damage system. One that is fast and easy and you forgo a lot of calculating steps, wound calculation and doing brawn rolls. The current system sticks out in the otherwise really light and well thought out rules.

Of course if you want to emulate SaWo as much as possible you can keep it like this but the damage rules in SaWo where never fast or fun for me either. YMMV. I hope you give them another look. There must be a faster way to do this than it is right now.

I thought I would miss skills but feats work. I am just worried it will get too hard to keep track at some point if you have too many as they are the only way to level up. Skills or something similar could alleviate that.

Hopefully final question: In the last scene of the Quickstart adventure there is chase. What should the turn limit be and how many henchies should be fleeing? Just whoever has survived the last fight?

Also there seems to be a contradiction in the chase rules, or my reading comprehension fails.

First it says: The fleeing character always acts in the fast phase, but they use the same range penalty as the pursuer they wish to attack.

A bit further down it reads: If you are the one fleeing, acting in the fast phase keeps your pursuers at long range, while acting in the slow phase means they close to short or melee range.

This is at odds to me as first it says they always act fast wile the latter paragraph seems to indicate they can in fact act in other phases as well. Which would mean they also roll initiative. Thanks for all the help.

Feat Damage: The damage for feats is written as: Guile+0 damage for example. I assume that is damage 2d6+guile?

Gangs: Any plans to personalize them mechanically? As it is they are just numbers and meat shield and not much else. But when I think Gang I think Mortheim and Necromunda. It should not be overdone of course, they are just rabble, but different gang "types" that could provide different bonuses in lieu of a cost would be great. Say the Bugbear gets the Goblin Smith Gang that helps him keep his gear in tip top shape (for goblins) and a Caster could get an Acolyte gang that assists with rituals or provides magic boosts. Alternatives to using them as meatshields would be great as well. Should be Featbased of course.

Another rules question...

Under Gangs it says:
Players can control their gang members in combat, resolving their actions individually or simultaneously (rolling their action dice as a dice pool) as they see fit.

How would a dice pool for an attack roll work for example, especially considering flanking? How would a pool roll for a skill check work, like sneaking?

Hi Guys, I am going to run this for 5-6 Players in Roll20 soon. Probably going to be a challenge with this many. Hence I am looking for others that have already run it online. Useful tips to speed up play, rule pitfalls macros etc.?

Chargen Question: What exactly is starting gear? What is the limit on that?
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