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apparently there was a short lived revival of my community while i was absent....good for it

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It is now 2040 and the government is now taking over the world making the people in society their slaves. But my team won't let them take over. The government is now our enemy in this world. The world is now in war and New York is now in ruins and Hollywood is one of the main bases of the government. Will you help us stop them? or will you join the government to help them defeat us?  It's your choice so Choose wisely.

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Name; Jean Gray-Summers (Dark Phoenix)
Age; 32
Sex; Female
Race; Mutant
Weapons; Unknown
Powers; read minds, project her thoughts in the minds of others, initiate Astral travel, mentally stun opponents with pure psionic force, telekinesis allowing her to levitate and manipulate objects an others, generate force fields, fly, an stimulate heat molecules to generate concussive blasts.
Bio; dieing from radiation poisoning, jean was saved by a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force who created a duplicate body complete with memory's and personality, absorbed a portion of her consciousness and cast her into suspended animation in a strange cocoon at the bottom of Jamaica bay. For months Phoenix believed itself to be real Jean and saved the universe, metal manipulation by Mastermind caused Phoenix to go insane an become Dark be continued.
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Real Name:James "Logan" Howlett
Age:210 years old
Race:a mutant
Weapons:my claws
Powers:my body heals fast,Adamantium Claws,Superhuman Senses
Bio:a got tested on by scientists to test the Adamantium claws they gave me and then i awoken from the test tube i was in i was mad so i broke out of the test tube using my claws and then i blew up the building and ran out i got control of my new powers and realised i was a mutant now because of those daft scientists

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((Rebrand of profile))
Name jake lee
Age 17
Race human
Powers portals healing and controlling kinetic energy
Abilities bladesmaster and marksman
Weapons a HF(high frequency) blade and sniper rifle
Bio a dimensional travel he wanders the worlds seeking adventure and making friends and occasionally saving lives
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Name: Classified
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Race: Human/ Cyber
Gender: Male
Weapons: Scythe((dragon form photo)), Fusion blade((main form))
Powers: Black fire, Cursed ring,
Bio: Classified
Rank: leader of Federalists
Personality: hardly shows himself, keeps his face covered
Appearance: Below
Pic 1: main
Pic 3: dragon armor
((This good))
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a man steps out of a portal somewhere in the ruins of new york as he does so a small alarm goes off on his watch a radiation alert he pulls a gas mask out of a portal and puts it on are you my mummy he whispers to himself and chuckles at his joke and begins to walk along the streets ((open rp also +Jaclyn Reighard i think you will like my joke))

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