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Announcing new online comparison for "Cloud Management Platforms"!

Our community is glad to announce a significant addition to its crowdsourced, always-online & free IT comparisons published at

The comparison provides detailed technical insight into one of the hottest topic in the industry: Cloud Management Platforms ((

At launch it includes cloud management solutions from vendors including CliQr, CloudBolt, Red Hat (CloudForms), RightScale, Oracle (Cloud Control) and VMware (vRealize Automation).

Ephraim introduces the category in his blog HERE and shares his thoughts on the CMP landscape and challenges managing multi-cloud environments.

Please note that this is the initial release of the framework, some products are still in draft status. As always we are inviting input and feedback from vendors and community experts alike to expand and evolve the comparisons.
Always-Online" comparisons are inherently a "work in progress" and we are grateful for the insight, hard work and enthusiasm of our category consultant (Ephraim Baron), assisting category specialists (Viktor van den Berg) and community affiliates (,, ManageIQ Community) that are essential for the creation and management of this free comparison in the community.

As always, if you spot a mistake, are unhappy with an evaluation or want to suggest a change, simply use the "community-curation" feedback function of the site.

To add additional products, suggest capabilities or to collaborate with us in any way - just email us at or contact us through our collaboration forms.

We hope you enjoy the new comparison!!

Your WhatMatrix Community
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Announcing a new online comparison: Disaster Recovery for Virtual Environments - created by Category Consultant Viktor van den Berg from

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Thanks to Simplivity (Brian Knudtson & Adam Sekora) for a in-depth technical briefing to WhatMatrix - replay (webex) available here:

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