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Name: Sanau Hill
Titles: Chairman, Commander
Weapons: small blaster
Affiliation: InterGalactic Banking Clan, CIS, Republic
Jobs: Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, CIS naval commander

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name Malcolm
age 21
rank 1
weapons duel arm mounted quick extend vibro combat blades, duel DC-17 pistols, experimental compact heavy sniper rifle, duel arm mounted flame throwers.
race human (clone)
faction who ever pays me
skills accelerated melee combat, stealth mass elimination
bio he was the first assassin clone created to combat the jedi if they ever rebelled against the republic. though one thing that makes him special is that he doesn't have a neural chip in his head, he was mental training that prevent him from being controlled by the jedi, and he has enhanced reflexes due to training with jedi. though reserved, he can be very personable with other clones. he doesn't trust jedi due to his training.i left the republic and aquired extra gear, now i work for who ever can afford me, unless you earn my trust. Then i will join their cause.

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Name: Drake Azura

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Born: 19 BBY,After the Fall of The Jedi

Weapons: Mandalorian Blaster Rifle,Old republic Dark With lightsaber,Rocket launching jetpack

Likes: Explosions,Killing,His lightsaber,power,flight.

Dislikes: Storm Troops,Lord Vader,Traitorous fools.

Famous Quote: "On wrongs,Swift vengeance awaits...."

Personality: Drake is a Dark,bruiting type of warrior. He can be very serious and yet,funny at the Same time. He also is a Flirty guy that usually flirts with people just to mess with them.

Abilities: He's an excellent stealth specialist and is very agile. Even though he has a Jetpack he almost never needs it to fight or flee. He also has a grip on using the force because of his Father who was a former Sith Warrior. He also has a expert knowledge of lightsaber,hand to hand and ranged weapons training.

Bio: After the Fall of The Jedi Drake was born as the child of Galen Marek, Vader's former apprentice. He was in the middle of a war between mandalorians and the Empire. His Father faught valiantly with the Empire but soon was killed I'm battle. When Drake found out he was enraged and the hidden power of the force awakened in him. Later on he trained himself to control the power but he still almost never uses it. He does however use his father's Dark-Saber as a side arm apposed to his primary Mandalorian Rifle. He dawned black mandalorian armor at the Age of 18 and decided instead of fighting for the empire,he would fight for the Mandalorian's freedom and Power across the galaxy.
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Name: Halcyon Storm

Age: 24

Allegiance: The New Mandalorian Empire

Rank: Mand'alor

Gender: Male

Nationality: New Mandalorian Empire

Bio: Not much is known about his early life, but it is known that he once was one of the most influential Mandalorians, being the General of the Mandalorian Armed Forces, Commander of the Mandalorian 13th Fleet, Personal Watch Commander, Mandalorian Council Member, and the Mandalorian Secretary of Health. Halcyon led his legendary fleet into battle, conquering Naboo and overthrowing a dictator that claimed it and crippled the Jedi Temple. His campaigns, though, were cut short. 

Bio ((Cont.)): He was kicked out of The Mandalorian Empire because the previous leader was shortminded and weak, rejecting one of the most important discoveries the galaxy had seen, dooming Mandalore to it's temporary end at the hands of the N.O.A. And thus, with his forces and fleet, he turned to a life of being one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, having a literal army of millions at his side.

Bio ((Cont.)): After the fall of The Mandalorian Empire, Halcyon gathered his forces, friends, and the remaining loyal Mandalorian citizens, vowing to defend Mandalore and her people from chaos, disease, famine, instability, danger, and weakness. He became Mand'alor out of need, and thus began the age of The New Mandalorians.

Skills: Sniper, Medic, Pilot,  Driver, Tech Specialist, Strategist, ect.

Weaponry: Dual Blasters (Honor and Destruction), Combat Knife, Arm Gauntlet (Capable of Blaster FIre, Fire, Explosive Darts and Shock Darts) and Collapsible Sniper Rifle

Quotes: "Take me to your leader!" "If you have the credits..." "RUN!" "Hope you don't mind hoofin' it a little." "I need some coffee..."
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[Real name] Draden
[Known as] General Dra
[Alias] Oceg’dra

[Age] 26

[Birth Date] 40 BBY

[Gender] Male

[Species] Miraluka

[Height] 5'9"
[Weight] 125 lb
[Skin Colour] White
[Hair Colour] Black (Greying)
[Eye Colour] (left) None/(right) None
[Distinctions] Lack of eyes, inherent force sight
[Tattoo(s)] Tribal tattoos going down length of right arm

[Birthplace] Alpheridies

[Occupation] Jedi Shadow

[Affiliation] Galactic Republic, Jedi

[Force Powers]
Battle Precognition
Comprehend Speech
Alter Image
Force Push
Force Persuasion
Force Suppression

[Weapon Specialisation(s)] Sword, Lightsaber

[Draden’s Lightsaber] A standard single-phase lightsaber with a synthetic white crystal; it was made by Draden when he was eight years old, under the watchful eyes of his Master, Oceg’toru.

[Alignment] Grey

[Personality] Draden prefers to keep distant from others. Although he is an excellent tactician, his loner nature and his lack of social interaction keeps his men from truly liking him, although they respect his decisions.

[Biography] Born on Alpheridies, Draden was the child of  a Gray Miraluka Jedi Father and a Miraluka Woman whom had no true occupation. Soon after his birth, he was given to the Jedi Guild on the Planet, who promised to train him in their ways until he was old enough to truly choose for himself on what he would like to do. On his seventh birthday, he was made an apprentice to a slightly older Male Twi’lek Jedi Knight by the name of Oceg’toru; who was aspiring to be a Jedi Consular. A year later, when Draden was eight; because of his natural affinity for the force and his quickened training, he was tasked with making his own personal lightsaber, which he did perfectly and in record time. The peculiar thing though, was that Draden; instead of choosing a green or blue crystal, chose a white synthetic crystal, which were rarely used by Jedi.

When Draden was sixteen, Oceg’toru was decapitated by a Rogue Jedi; leaving Draden heartbroken, as his best friend and only father figure was dead. Out of pity, the Jedi Council made Draden a Jedi Knight, and out of respect for his former Master, he went under the alias of Oceg’dra. After a few weeks, Dra and a group of three other Jedi Knights tracked down the Chiss, whose name was revealed to be Doza’onase’hucirt; a renegade Jedi Master turned Sith. After a quick duel, three Jedi Knights were dead and the only standing survivors were a Chiss Sith Lord and a Miraluka Jedi Knight. Tempted to throw down his lightsaber and let the Sith have his way, the only thing that held him back was a vision of his Master’s death. Enraged by the memory, Dra valiantly duelled and bested Doza until  the Sith Lord was unarmed and backed into a corner, but as Dra was ready to strike the final blow and execute the Sith Lord he was stopped by Republic reinforcements and Doza was taking into Republic custody, much to Dra’s dismay.

On Dra’s twenty first birthday, after training in multiple fields of  study on what to specialise in, Dra chose to be a Jedi Shadow; choosing to erase every memory and mention of the Sith and the Dark Side, using this as an excuse to avenge his former master. During his first three years as a Shadow; Dra had never faced a true Sith until he met the beautiful female Sith Zeltron, Tiarri. When he first met her, it wasn’t as a Jedi versus a Sith, it was as a Jedi Knight protecting an innocent little girl. Dra had been walking through the streets of Coruscant as he had been on leave and had seen a girl dragged into an alleyway by a group of three cloaked men; and, although it wasn’t in his boundaries to do anything, he decided to intervene. As he drew his lightsaber and approached the men, who had the young female against the wall, the men also drew there lightsabers and surrounded him. Taking a risk before they were able to gain another advantage, Dra struck first and used the force to slam one of the Sith into a wall before he turned and began to duel the other two. After easily outmanoeuvring them and, regretfully, killing them; Dra checked on the girl, who revealed her name to be Tiarri, a Zeltron who had only been on the planet for less than two weeks for a vacation, and was on her way back to the spaceport. After he introduced himself, she rewarded him with a kiss and wished they would meet again before she left.

Two years later, on a diplomatic operation to the Sith home world of Korriban, he met Tiarri again and; after getting over the initial shock of her being a Sith, their conversations strayed from an alliance, to friendly banter, to the kiss they shared on Coruscant and the wish she had made, despite her allegiance. After the mission came back as a partial success, they continued to see each other time and time again; using the diplomatic negotiations as a ruse to continue the relationship they developed. When Dra was twenty four, he was expelled from the Jedi Order as they found out about the secret relationship he shared with the Sith. Although the Jedi Order denied all affiliation to Dra, he continued to faithfully serve the Galactic Republic as a Gray Jedi, even though he carried on his relationship with Tiarri.

Now, Dra’s twenty six, has broken all ties with the Republic, has moved to Mandalore and joined the up and coming Mandalorian Empire, and has had a child, a girl, with Tiarri; whom they named Aideis.

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Name: Kira Vizla
Born:21 BBY, Mandalore
Age: 19
Rank: Lieutenant
Alliance: Mandalorians, Rebel Alliance
Weapons: Mandalorian Blaster Pistols, Jedi's Lightsaber, Royal Guard Staff.
Skin Color:Light Tan
Hair Color:Brownish Black
Eye Color:Brown
Noticable Features:Cut over left eye, and cut on right cheek.
Famous Quote: "You can't escape me."
Hatred: People who mock Mandalorians and they're ways.
Likes: Lightsabers, explosives, Mandalorian Martial Arts, and history of the Jedi Order
Bio: Daughter of Pre Vizla, she was trained to be like her father as she was respected quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant. She and Bo-Katan fought over who'd be Vizla's favorite but it got neither of them nowhere. She arrived on Carlac and fought Ahsoka Tano with Bo-Katan but ultimately failed.
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The origins of Mando'a were believed to have lain with the language of the Taung, an ancient race of Humanoid simians that originated on Coruscant in the time before the Galactic Republic's formation.[1] The Taung were driven from Coruscant by the Human Battalions of Zhell after a lengthy war, and under the leadership of Mandalore the First, conquered a new planet they named Mandalore in their leader's honor, becoming the first Mandalorians—or Mando'ade, "Children of Mandalore" in Mando'a.[3] Despite this direct lineage, and the fact that the Taung spoke an archaic dialect that evolved into the later Mando'a,[4] unique elements contained in contemporary Mando'a were unlike any found in other galactic languages. Mando'a had no grammatical cases, only two forms for a verb to take, a tense prefix system, and simplistic rules for forming adjectives from nouns and verb stems. Spelling and punctuation forms were optional, decided upon by the preference of the individual speaker—"jagyc" and "jagla", for instance, were both correct ways of saying "masculine".[1]

To understand and be able to speak Mando'a was one of the Resol'nare, the central six tenets that an individual had to follow in their daily life should they wish to be a Mandalorian. This respect for the language, along with Mando'a's natural flexibility, meant that words drawn from other languages were a rarity,[1] and Mando'a changed very little throughout the centuries in spite of the many languages the Mandalorians learned to speak and the vast influence from alien cultures.[5] If a new word for a thing or concept was needed, Mandalorians would typically draw upon the existing Mando'a vocabulary to form an appropriate term. Mando'a was an agglutinative language, meaning that many words were formed by combining two or more others, without changing their form, to create a new word with a new meaning.[1] An example of this was the term dar'jetii, which is a combination of the Mando'a words dar, meaning "no longer", and jetii, the Mandalorian word for Jedi. Literally translated, dar'jetii meant "no longer a Jedi", but was mostly used contextually to mean "Sith."[6] However, hut'tuun—the Mandalorian word for "coward"—found its roots in the common Mandalorian dislike for Hutts, specifically their tendency to hire others to handle their martial needs in their stead.[1]
Concordian, the language spoken on both the planet Concord Dawn[7] and Mandalore's moon, Concordia,[8] was a dialect of Mando'a. As such, though they differed in certain aspects, the two languages were mutually intelligible, meaning that they were similar enough that an individual speaking one could easily converse with someone speaking the other.[2] The dialect spoken by the Human child Sasha ot Sulem in 3956 BBY, following the girl's kidnapping and her time living among the Mandalorians on Dantooine, was believed by the Jedi Knight Revan to be a jumbled off-shoot of Mando'a.[9]
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