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watch my blog.its a collection of some romantic poems. feel free to visit and comment

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Walking down the streets of a bad neighborhood
And I can see the history written,
Written all over the walls and streets,

Looking through a gated alleyway
I can see the lower part of the gate has been forced open
With the lock intact.

Needless at my feet
Commercial blunt wrappers behind the gate
What can only be thought of as blood
In the walls of factories and car mechanic shops.
One sneaker with laces still tied

It's all a dream until you're part of the next situation.

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Let's compose a poem from this amazing picture of the Golden Gate Bridge under contruction

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~Croak, my frog, croak~
~Giant green like rock~
~On my door you knocked~
~From the river dock~
~Welcome home my luck~

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Flower ducks

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This is how you make a poem from an inspirational image
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