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*Name: Sarah Kane
*Age: 19
*Likes: Books,friends,family,animals
*Dislikes: Enemies,romantic things,little kids
*Rank: ?
*Species: Demon
*Appearance: Long Black hair,glasses,Red eyes,wears a Black and Red dress,carries a katana with her at all times
*Personality: Sweet,curious,ignorant,selfish,bored,tired..
*Bio: Sarah lived in a small cabin house with her two brother and two sisters, she was the youngest out of them all.. she wasn't very picky about what they had in the house because her family was indeed poor and she was grateful for whatever food/drink they had laying around on the kitchen table/in the cabinets. One day her and her mother went into the woods near the cabin to pick some wildberries for dessert when they heard a scream coming from the house and immediately ran towards it, when they got there.. they saw most of their family slaughtered' Sarah was so depressed after that, that she had to be put into a mental hospital because she suffered from some terrible hallucinations of one of her brothers and of one of her sisters. Sarah's dad left the family awhile ago due to both her parents having some issues after the killing happened and now Sarah takes care of her mom and her brother and sister and kills anyone who stands in her way of finding out who killed her other two siblings, she recently sold herself to a demon king because he said that if she was to become a demon' that she would be way more stronger and tougher than she is now and so she let them sacrifice her into the bottomless pit of hatred and fury.
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basic information
*Name: fran
*age: 17
*likes: bows,dicks,men fucking her
*Dislikes: mean ppl
*Rank: warrior
*species: veira
*Appearance: below
*personality: Unknown
*bio (optional): none

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Welcome sex is aloud on here make a oc please respect the owners and mods ok.

basic information
*bio (optional):

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